BREAKING: Russia deploys new ‘Doomsday’ plane in readiness for nuclear war

Jet to be permanently staffed with senior generals

01 12 15_Russia Doomsday plane

December 1, 2015 – Russia announced today that it would deploy the latest version of its high-tech doomsday plane, the Ilyushin-80, which is designated for use during nuclear war or national emergencies.

“The flying command center will be able to coordinate the worldwide operations of its ground, naval, air and missile forces, including nuclear weapons, as well as the country’s satellites,” reports Debkafile.

According to Global Security, the command and control aircraft, also known as the Maxdome, “Is meant to fly the President of Russia and/or surviving authority figures and highest ranking members of the Soviet (now Russian) government to safety in the event of all-out nuclear war.”

The jet is designed to be used when command infrastructure is disrupted due to nuclear conflict and will be, “permanently staffed with senior generals, operational commanders and technicians,” according to the report.






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