Revolt Begins! Americans stand up to Nazi-style control

Demonstrators line up vehicles surrounding the MI Capitol Building, place signs on the Capitol grounds to protest Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order.

Michigan Protest_line of cars

4/15/20 – Today residents of Michigan took to the streets en masse in spite of dreary weather to protest Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her executive order which extends the stay-at-home law duration to April 30, 2020. #OperationGridlock brought protestors out from their homes to the capitol building, surrounding streets and overpasses. They formed lines in their cars, honked their horns, waved flags, and demanded an end to the order.

Breitbart wrote:

The Michigan Conservative Coalition is holding a vehicle protest on Wednesday to drive home opposition to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders, which have closed schools and businesses and forced residents to stay home under penalty of fine or imprisonment.

Thousands signed up to attend the event via Facebook, with the goal of surrounding the state capitol building in Lansing at noon ET.

As of the time of this posting, the event seems to have been a glorious demonstration of peaceful Americans exercising their rights to protest.

Whitmer then held a press conference claiming the protestors were “endangering people’s lives.”

Breitbart News reported live from the scene, which featured hundreds of people on the capitol lawn and thousands more in their cars, honking horns, blasting patriotic music, and waving American flags.

Whitmer, whom Joe Biden has said is on his short list for the vice presidential nomination, denounced the protesters, who were calling on her to rescind the onerous restrictions she had placed on the state’s citizens and let them go back to work.

She went on to blame the protesters for further restrictions she may impose in the future.

“So the sad irony here is that the protest is that they don’t like being in this stay home order,” she said, “and they may have just created the need to lengthen it.” (emphasis added)


Stasi_east german secret police 2

Hmmm, that sounds like punishment to me. Is this stay at home order about protecting the health of the citizens, or about teaching them to follow the baseless orders of the Stasi? The increase of the order should only reflect the danger of the health threat, not a threat of absolute power and control over the people. With the continuing revelation of the level of propaganda and out right lies of overloaded hospitals that are shown to be, in fact empty, American citizens may not take very kindly to that. Especially those educated in the definition of “the militia,” as some demonstrators recalled.

Americans are asking with increasing attention and concern: What is this really about?

There is also a petition to recall the governor that supposedly has received over 245,000 signatures so far.

Protests also took place in North Carolina.

Natural News wrote:

The Daily Caller noted that the rally/protest was organized on Facebook by a group calling itself “Reopen NC.” At this writing, the group had about 27,000 members.

At the rally, demonstrators were heard blasting car horns in front of the state capital at one point during the event.

All across the country, governors and mayors have imposed restrictions on who can go out, when, and for what purpose. While Democrats in Congress and their pathetic media propagandists have pressured President Donald Trump to issue a nationwide shutdown order, he has never done so, choosing instead to let states handle their own responses.

Many believe orders are beginning to run afoul of the Constitution.

Some governors have resisted issuing statewide shutdown orders, among them Kristi Noem of South Carolina.

The Daily Caller headline is, Police Threaten, Arrest North Carolina Protesters Demanding America Reopen.

In light of the long list of troubling video reports we’ve seen in the past few weeks of empty hospitals, #filmyourhospital, even as corporate media continues to produce and air apocalyptic reports around the world of supposed piles of dead bodies in those same US hospitals such as those in NY, there is a feeling that we are being played. For what, we don’t yet know. But, fining church goers $500 who sit in their cars with their windows up in the church parking lot just to gather and show solidarity during a time of stress and crisis, is absolutely unacceptable. And Kentucky police have begun tracking church goers license plates. In other countries, people are being arrested for being in their own yards! We know that what happens there is not long away from unfolding here.

I wrote an article on just some of the very dangerous and suspicious things surrounding this coronavirus. Please read that here so you know what’s going on:
Could Covid-19 Be a Weapon to Usher in the NWO?

Add to this dangerous mess Bill “Dr. Evil” Gates, who has been made the NWO social engineering face of “hope through vaccines” all over corporate media. Many researchers are now beginning to believe that they never intend to lift the stay-at-home orders without complete vaccine compliance. We’ve seen statements that hint at this from the likes of Cuomo and other dems who are laboring for totalitarian control. I don’t know about  you, but I will not take their toxic, brain-killing, nano-particle saturated, human being tracking device, “vaccine.” #NOGATESNO

And, as evidence Gates is in some demonic altered state of consciousness, he released a Microsoft ad starring Marina Abromovic!

Bill Gates Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Put Cannibal Satan Worshiper Marina Abromovic In His New Commercial – Reddit

Spirit Cooking artist Marina Abramovic, who was recently photographed with Lord Jacob Rothschild admiring a painting from 1797 titled “Satan Summoning His Legions”, has emerged from the shadows to star in a new commercial for Bill Gates’ Microsoft -NewsPunch

Microsoft Releases (and Deletes) an Ad With Elite Occultist Marina Abramovic -VigilantCitizen

Check out True Pundit’s article, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates’ Vaccine Agenda in Scathing Report. This information is critical as we navigate this mine-field of deception.

Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vaccination ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control of global health policy. Continue reading & listen to the bombshell interview with Robert Kennedy Jr.

Check out this interview with Mike Moore of True Pundit on the Bill Gates connection to this nefarious vaccine push: Gray Area Anatomy – Where Pathology Meets Pathological Liars with Special Guest Mike Moore on CrowdSourceTheTruth.

These people are satanists and their plans are the very definition of evil. And, one of the good things I can think of about this stay-at-home order is that it has provided the opportunity for all of us to catch up on articles and videos that document their evil plans. We MUST be aware of what they are doing and stay in prayer for divine discernment on the increasingly challenging choices we must make.

We are in a war! We have been called for such a time as this!

Get informed; stay informed; share to inform!

Stay vigilant, patriots! United we stand, divided we fall!


Shalom…even in the midst of the battle!


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