The Web of the Covid-19 Epidemic

It’s not just about the virus itself: it is about all of the spin-off issues connected to the virus epidemic.


3/5/2020 – We are still being told by the former mainstream media that there’s nothing to see here, that Covid-19 is just a seasonal flu. Continue reading “The Web of the Covid-19 Epidemic”

Say hello to China’s social control system

How ultra oppressive mass surveillance and social control works in Xinjiang, China.

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O & Hill: Easter texts not what you think

Do the texts sent by Obama and Hillary have a much deeper meaning than you’ve been told?

Hillary_Obama_inside secret

5/1/19 – Both Hillary and Obama sent texts regarding the Easter Sri Lanka massacre that left at least 253 dead and hundreds injured. The coordinated attacks occurred Continue reading “O & Hill: Easter texts not what you think”

US withdrawal from Syria: A prophetic analysis

“This is huge; stunning. It has profound implications and ramifications.”

12/22/18 – Born in Beirut, Lebanon to an Egyptian father and Palestinian mother, Calvary Chapel Kanoehe Pastor J.D. Farag has valuable insight into biblical prophecy concerning the middle east. His weekly Prophecy Update Continue reading “US withdrawal from Syria: A prophetic analysis”

Demonic fashion: Kid’s “clothing” Co. glorifies occult, mind control, and pedophilia

Disturbing trend dives even deeper into the demonic pool and continues to target children.

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Snake emerges from Western Wall crack halting prayers

Prompts speculation of portent across cyberspace.

11/29/18 – On November 1st, another strange event happened at the Western Wall. A serpent of nearly four feet emerged from a crack in the middle of the wall in the women’s section as worshipers were praying. This section was for more liberal Continue reading “Snake emerges from Western Wall crack halting prayers”

More caravans, militaries from more countries take aim at US southern border

Mexican reporter warns, “They’re here. They’re planning an invasion.”

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Prayer Alert – Confirmations of danger – Please share

Messages continue to come in of danger related to the president and his family

11/16/18 – If you haven’t read my last article, “Get Ready” – Prophetic Move Happening Now, please do. This new information adds to that story that is continuing to unfold. Continue reading “Prayer Alert – Confirmations of danger – Please share”