The Lancet: Global fatality rate from CoVid-19 at 5.7% or 57 times higher than the flu…

…death rate skyrockets to 20% when hospitals get overrun

Coronavirus-Blood-Sample-Medical-Test-Tube-Close-Up3/15/20 – (Lancet) A new study in The Lancet entitled, “Real estimates of mortality following COVID-19 infection” (source), finds that the global death rate from the coronavirus is settling in at around 5.7%, which is 57 times higher than the seasonal flu. The study warns that, “mortality rate of COVID-19 could be as high as 20% in Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak.”

This is consistent with what we already know about what happens when local hospital beds get overrun and patients no longer have access to critical care. The death rate skyrockets to 10-20%.



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