Obamacare ruled unconstitutional: What does it mean for you?

This MUST SEE explanation reminds us what actually happened on the O-care journey and what the new ruling means.

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Woman loses custody of child because she mentioned ‘chemtrails’

Mother mentioned chemtrails are being sprayed into the atmosphere, Boulder, CO judge removed child, court documents reveal

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5/3/6 – (YourNewsWire.com) Boulder Judge D.D. Mallard told Becca Vandb that ‘99% of people would know those are just contrails,’ and said that she is ‘so immersed in a fringe subculture’ that ‘she is a danger to her daughter.’ Continue reading “Woman loses custody of child because she mentioned ‘chemtrails’”

UK: NHS to harvest babies’ organs from damaged babies

Moms will be ‘supported’ to have the baby at nine months so that the child’s vital organs can be taken for transplant


3/13/16 – (Daily Mail)  Women whose babies develop fatal defects in the early stages of pregnancy will be given advice on going ahead with the birth so the NHS can harvest their organs, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Continue reading “UK: NHS to harvest babies’ organs from damaged babies”

Bioethicist: ‘We have commodified…babies and baby parts’

“Have we reached a point in our society where there effectively is an Amazon.com for human parts, entire babies?” Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.)


3/3/16 – The GOP’s first hearing on “baby parts” began today.  Here are a few shocking excerpts.  “You know, we have commodified what have been referred to as the ‘products of conception’ — I mean, babies and baby parts. Continue reading “Bioethicist: ‘We have commodified…babies and baby parts’”

NY: Nuclear plant leak; radioactivity levels increase 65,000%

Leak at the Indian Point nuclear facility in New York 40 miles north of Manhattan has sent contaminant into the area groundwater

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2/8/16 – A leak at the Indian Point nuclear facility in New York has sent contaminant into the area groundwater, causing radioactivity levels 65,000% higher than normal, the Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday. Continue reading “NY: Nuclear plant leak; radioactivity levels increase 65,000%”

Flint, MI water disaster & scandal; was it planned?

Snyder’s handling of the Flint crisis is being compared to George W. Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina

Rick Snyder

1/11/16 – You may not know about it, but a horrible crisis has been unfolding in Flint, Michigan. Protesters are calling for the arrest of Governor Rick Snyder (R) for negligence in handling one of the state’s worst man-made public health crises. Continue reading “Flint, MI water disaster & scandal; was it planned?”

Maine Supreme Court rules State can vaccinate children against the will of parents

Court decides mother no longer has authority to opt out of vaccinations for her own child.

Doctor-Girl-Child-Vaccine-Flu-Shot-SyringeWe need a constitutional amendment that clearly delineates the fundamental right of parents to make health decisions for their own children.

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Russia Bans GMO Food Production

There is a difference between the use of GMO products for food and using them for scientific purposes – Deputy PM Arkady Dvorkovich


“As far as genetically-modified organisms are concerned, we have made the decision not to use any GMO in food productions,” Deputy PM Arkady Dvorkovich said at an international conference on biotechnology in Kirov. Continue reading “Russia Bans GMO Food Production”

News Update 9/3/15

California 3rd World Conditions, Corruption of Children, Immigration Issues, Russia and Syria, Saudi’s Begin Bombing ISIS, NATO, Ukraine, Chemical Weapons, Authorized Drones, Biometrics, and more.
1)  California communities now in 3rd world conditions

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