New jaw-dropping video: CA firemen find signatures of directed energy weapons

Reporter Greg Reese continues to document the mystery behind the recent California wildfires that left 631 missing and 88 dead.

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Mock human sacrifice ritual performed at CERN

Occult ritual complete with a mock human sacrifice surrounding Shiva statue


8/19/16 – Just when we’re shaking off the darkness and creep-factor of the Gotthard Tunnel display CERN steps up to take the baton.  Scientists at CERN who are unnamed at this point, planned out and performed an occult ritual.  Continue reading “Mock human sacrifice ritual performed at CERN”

Another person goes “Cannibal”; eats face of date

Demonic crime continues to rise worldwide

peru-demonic May 2016

5/20/16 – Does this sound like a normal day to you?  It has become a regular occurrence to see reports of people going crazy in a flash and eating the faces of others, of police emptying clips on the possessed with seeming little effect.  Continue reading “Another person goes “Cannibal”; eats face of date”

Temple of Baal in NY to go up same day Baal occult festival begins

13-day Baal festival, “The Blood Sacrifice to the Beast“, begins April 19th

Temple of Baal in NY_rendering

4/8/16 – There is a foul wind blowing today and it doesn’t feel like good things are on the horizon.  It turns out, and not surprisingly, that the date the gateway to the Temple of Baal will be erected is the same date that the Baal festival, The Blood Sacrifice to the Beast, begins.  I’m literally sick to my stomach as I write this. Continue reading “Temple of Baal in NY to go up same day Baal occult festival begins”

Rise in occult, Nazi rituals, Bohemian Grove

Must-hear interview with Pastor Russ Dizdar on the occult in society, his trip to Wewelsburg Castle and the rituals of Bohemian Grove

Wewelsburg Castle_Hitler_Himler_Nazi

4/3/16 –  What was the purpose of the occult rituals that Hitler and Himmler instituted at Wewelsburg Castle?  Are they still being done?  What about the occult ceremonies at Bohemian Grove?  What is the ultimate purpose?  Is there any connection to the current chaos? Continue reading “Rise in occult, Nazi rituals, Bohemian Grove”