Khashaggi, Soros, Deep State and…Russia???

Scenario to bait Trump into moves that would have collapsed the global financial system right now

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US loses Middle East; Nukes moved from Turkey to Romania

Nukes from Incirlik Air Base near Syria transferred to Deveselu Air Base in Romania; Russia infuriated; Corporate media silent


8/22/16 – (TruNews)  In startling reports last week, TruNews revealed that the US has been essentially pushed out of the Middle East in an astonishing turn about, as Russia established relationships with Iran and Turkey.  The power has shifted and build up of military might near the Russian border continues.  US corporate media is mute. Continue reading “US loses Middle East; Nukes moved from Turkey to Romania”

Turkey legalizes sex with 12-year-olds while rape by migrants continues

Lowering the age of sexual consent from 15 to 12 years of age Turkey is now in a row with Austrian government

Turkey_sex with minors-640x480.png

8/14/16 – (Breitbart)  The Constitutional Court has ruled to annul a provision that punishes all sexual acts against children under the age of 15 as “sexual abuse,” stirring outrage from academics and women’s rights activists who warn that the decision will lead to cases of child abuse going unpunished. Continue reading “Turkey legalizes sex with 12-year-olds while rape by migrants continues”

Greece predicting rioting, chaos as deporting refugees back to Turkey begins

Greece is predicting an imminent descent into violent chaos over new refugee rules

greece_riot_4 3 16

4/3/16 – Greece is predicted to descend into rioting and chaos next week when the new agreement between the European Union and Turkey — to allow Greece to send back migrants that either do not apply for asylum or fail in their claims — comes into effect. Continue reading “Greece predicting rioting, chaos as deporting refugees back to Turkey begins”

Neighborhood tensions push Turkey to Israel rapprochement

Turkey is moving to restore full relations with Israel


Seeking to make up for drastically worsening ties with neighbors Iran and Russia as well as bolstering its energy security, Turkey is moving to restore full relations with Israel after falling out more than five years ago. Continue reading “Neighborhood tensions push Turkey to Israel rapprochement”

Pentagon rejects Russia’s evidence of Turkey aiding ISIS

“Let me be very clear that we flatly reject any notion that the Turks are somehow working with ISIL,” said Colonel Steve Warren

Col Steve Warren_Rejects Russias evidence of Turkey ISIS oil operation

A Pentagon spokesman rejected Russia’s evidence of Turkey’s involvement in oil deals with Islamic State militants, calling Turkey a “great partner” just a day after his boss complained to Congress that Ankara was not fighting ISIS enough. Continue reading “Pentagon rejects Russia’s evidence of Turkey aiding ISIS”

Video: Russia puts the evidence on the table; satellite photos

Wednesday the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces presented evidence demonstrating Turkish involvement in funding IS

Lt General Sergey Rudskoy_evidence briefing against Turky Isis oil

According to Rudskoy, Russia has identified “three main oil transportation routes from ISIS-controlled Syrian and Iraqi territories into Turkey.”

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Russia has ‘more proof’ Turkey is running ISIS oil

Terrorists have been abusing the visa-free agreement between Russia and Turkey – Putin


Moscow has grounds to suspect that Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 on November 24 to secure illegal oil deliveries from Syria to Turkey, Putin said on the sidelines of the climate change summit in Paris on Monday. Continue reading “Russia has ‘more proof’ Turkey is running ISIS oil”

Putin sending 150,000 troops to Turkey

The Russian leader is reportedly mounting an enormous military mission to take control of the terror group’s stronghold of Raqqa

09 21 15_RussianMarines battle ISIS in Syria

The city is the self-declared capital of ISIS in Syria and is patrolled by as many as 5,000 jihadi members.

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