MUST SEE: TX doc has covid cure, another cure Faucci will try to eliminate

Christian doctor using inexpensive asthma treatment seeing 100% effectiveness

TN Doc Covid Cure

7/10/20 A Christian doctor in TX has discovered another Covid cure that has been 100% effective. And, guess what, like hydroxychloroquine, it also is super cheap, is a generic medicine used for decades, has no known negative side effects, has even been used on preemie infants, and is available everywhere. His interview is very powerful and calls out the deception against real cures, common sense treatment, and what has worked in other countries.

Please watch this interview and share this post. It’s not just about Covid-19, it’s about the global powers trying to take over, reduce population, and get everyone so scared and confused they become victims of mind control with the constant word salad and gas lighting. We must be aware and try to wake up people who are sleep walking in mind-numbing, blind compliance.

We have the power! Demand corrupt officials be removed! Use the internet platforms we still have available to get information out.

Video Interview Here.

The time is short. Hope, peace, discernment, guidance, and eternal salvation are found only in Yeshua Jesus. If you don’t know Him, please visit the Who is Yeshua Jesus? page to learn more.

Stay safe out there in the last days chaos.


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