Tears for Brussels, not for Pakistan

More silence from the White House regarding the Easter terror attacks against Christians


3/28/16 – During his two terms in office, the POTUS has grown to be completely consistent on two things: 1) defending or singing the praises of Islam, and 2) belittling or completely ignoring the suffering of Christians.  This past weekend’s attacks are no exception. Continue reading “Tears for Brussels, not for Pakistan”

Paris attack was Western backed!

Breaking video from InfoWars: Order out of chaos

151114135354-14-paris-attacks-1114---restricted-exlarge-169Alex Jones points out that yesterday was Friday the 13th, which may not hold meaning for many people, but it has great meaning for the occult and for the elites.  ISIS, who claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris, which are now the second deadliest attacks on Western soil since 9/11, said it had dispatched the jihadis Continue reading “Paris attack was Western backed!”