Red Alert: Prepare for severe stock market crash, warns HSBC

“Possibility of a severe fall in the stock market is now very high,” Murray Gunn, HSBC

Down trend through the floor

10/13/16 – (RT)  In a note to clients released Wednesday, Murray Gunn, the head of technical analysis for HSBC, said he was on red alert for an imminent sell-off in stocks in the light of the price action over the past few weeks. Continue reading “Red Alert: Prepare for severe stock market crash, warns HSBC”

Economic crisis is global; reaching critical mass

Mr. Obama, the economy is NOT doing well…anywhere!


1/15/16 – The news is not getting any better for the economy.  Today the DOW plunged another 391 points wracking up a 1,437 point drop just in the first two weeks of the year.  The S&P lost 2.3%, and NASDAQ lost 2.7% to the lowest level since October 2014.

RBS just announced emergency advice Continue reading “Economic crisis is global; reaching critical mass”

Sell everything! 2016 will be a ‘cataclysmic year,’ warns RBS

“Sell everything…except high quality bonds,” warned Andrew Roberts in a note this week.

KWN-Wall Street Panic_864x400

1/12/16 – That harrowing advice is from The Royal Bank of Scotland, which has warned of a “cataclysmic year” ahead for markets and advised clients to head for the exit. Do not wait. Do not pass go. Continue reading “Sell everything! 2016 will be a ‘cataclysmic year,’ warns RBS”

KWN Report: Panic is beginning to engulf the world.

“Japan’s stock market plunging nearly 4 percent as fear spreads across the globe.”

KWN-Wall Street Panic_864x400Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  “The Market CDX North America High-Yield Index (CDX) jumped 20% on Monday. That’s the largest jump in at least a decade, as traders scramble to buy protection against widespread defaults in high-yield bonds (see chart below).” Continue reading “KWN Report: Panic is beginning to engulf the world.”

News Update 9/3/15

California 3rd World Conditions, Corruption of Children, Immigration Issues, Russia and Syria, Saudi’s Begin Bombing ISIS, NATO, Ukraine, Chemical Weapons, Authorized Drones, Biometrics, and more.
1)  California communities now in 3rd world conditions

Continue reading “News Update 9/3/15”