U.S. Not Screening Travelers from Coronavirus Hubs Italy, South Korea

Travelers arriving from Italy and South Korea — two nations where the coronavirus has taken root — are not being screened upon their arrival in the United States.

Screening For Coronavirus At Addis Ababa Bole International Airport

3/9/20 – (Breitbart) Officials with the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, confirmed online that travelers from the high-risk Continue reading “U.S. Not Screening Travelers from Coronavirus Hubs Italy, South Korea”

Kim Jong Un stirring up trouble

This time the threats are different


3/14/16 – With the annual  US/South Korea military drills near China getting North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in a tizzy, his threats have become more troublesome, at least according to the reaction of the military powers. Continue reading “Kim Jong Un stirring up trouble”

North Korea confirms new and improved nuclear weapons in the works

This week, the country’s Atomic Energy Institute said that the Kim Jong-un regime had been improving the quantity and quality of its nuclear weapons and confirmed the Yongbyon nuclear complex — including a five-megawatt reactor — was now fully operational.


…their weapons could reach Australia, although, as we don’t have a huge strategic importance or many military operations, they are more likely to target South Korea, Japan and the USA.

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