A call to prayer for our world

L_rd, we return to you with fasting, weeping and mourning

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Election Eve Admonition

We are at the door, our hand is on the doorknob. Do we choose depravity or repentance?


11/7/16 -It’s here, folks. What will you choose? God wants repentance which means to turn around and away from. Are we willing to turn around and turn away from all of this occult wickedness and barbarism that has set up shop under our watch? Are we willing to get our brooms and sweep Washington clean of pedophiles and perverts? Continue reading “Election Eve Admonition”

Sex ed for 8 year olds? What does that have to do with the NWO?

Why are younger and younger children being targeted with sexual perversion under the guise of “sex education”?

Norway Sex Ed for 8yr olds10/1/15 – Around the world, all at the same time these other bizarre and statistically improbable events are occurring, right in lock-step with the Luciferian agenda I might add, perversion is moving into high gear to say the least.  It always comes with the deal: they want the children and they want them sexualized. Continue reading “Sex ed for 8 year olds? What does that have to do with the NWO?”