Kavanaugh accuser’s HS yearbooks reveal rampant debauchery

Yearbooks openly admit binge drinking, racism, sexual predation, not remembering the night before

christine blasey-ford yearbooks 9 20 18

9/20/18 – (InfoWars) Christine Blasey Ford, who accuses supreme court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, of sexual assault, may be having a very unpleasant flash back. Her high school yearbooks have been published Continue reading “Kavanaugh accuser’s HS yearbooks reveal rampant debauchery”

Danish teen who fended off rapist now facing charges

17-year-old girl was attacked by a man near a migrant center at night

Girl with pepper spray

1/27/16 – So, women aren’t allowed to defend themselves in Denmark.  The girl told police that a man knocked her to the ground and unbuttoned her pants, trying to undress her, but she turned on him with pepper spray and was able to escape. Her assailant fled and hasn’t been caught, but the victim is facing legal consequences. Continue reading “Danish teen who fended off rapist now facing charges”