When was Jesus really born?

Do historical records exist that give us any clues and certainty when the birth occurred?

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ISIS horrors, genocide against Yazidis continues , MsM still mum

Yazidi official describes conditions for women and girls: 10 yr old girl raped to death, starving mother unknowingly fed her dead child.

Vian Dakhil interview_June 2017

7/2/17 – The shocking butchery and horrors committed by ISIS against the Yazidi continues, as the US squabbles in other Mid-East regions. No emergency evacuation of the survivors has occurred or been Continue reading “ISIS horrors, genocide against Yazidis continues , MsM still mum”

Seat of Satan, Pergamon, the Altar of Zeus: The connection to current events

This video connects the historical dots in a shocking way

Thanks to Lyn Leahz for this edited version of a recent interview with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn where he presented the history of this structure and the events surrounding it…and how it is very connected to current events.  This is a must-see video.