David Beahm – “It’s hard to imagine after looking at these charts that anyone is even considering raising rates”

“The Feds failure to make good on threats in September was carelessly blamed on China and all the other global economies except the U.S. economy.”

Blanchard Gold9/30/15 – Today David Beahm, Executive Vice President of Blanchard & Company, commented on the grim financial outlook in an economic news update.

“And, now the Fed is starting the process of continuously rolling out its Fed parrots to try and convince the world once again that the Fed will make good on its threats to raise its Fed funds rate a smidgen off its zero boundary.” Continue reading “David Beahm – “It’s hard to imagine after looking at these charts that anyone is even considering raising rates””

Jim Willie – “The dollar will eventually be defended by the military.”

“Isn’t it rather clear that everything is falling apart?”

Jim_WIllie_TRUNEWSIn a scathing analysis on a TruNews interview, statistical analyst and publisher of The Hat Trick Letter, Jim Willie connected all the dots on the current financial crisis, events around the world and war, including the Volkswagen scandal, hidden trillions of QE, oil prices, the shortage of physical gold and silver, and a coming global reset of the financial system.  You’ll have a much better understanding of how these events connect after hearing this no-holds-barred interview.

LISTEN TO THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE:  https://www.trunews.com/tuesday-september-29-2015-jim-willie-pt-1/

News Update 8/16/15

Here are some important quotes from the past week on the topic of financial issues.  Open eyes, repentant hearts!

“I happen to think we’ve started the next bear market…The key you have to watch out for, when Mr. Fisher…comes out, takes to the podium and says we are going to do another round of QE and that sends stocks lower, that’s when you know it’s time to take cover. I think that day is coming where investors and citizens throughout the world will finally lose all faith in central bankers.” Continue reading “News Update 8/16/15”