Prayer Alert – Confirmations of danger – Please share

Messages continue to come in of danger related to the president and his family

11/16/18 – If you haven’t read my last article, “Get Ready” – Prophetic Move Happening Now, please do. This new information adds to that story that is continuing to unfold. Continue reading “Prayer Alert – Confirmations of danger – Please share”

Call to Prayer and Spiritual Warfare for the Nation

Warfare in the heavenlies is heating up as the ground level spiritual warfare intensifies.

David to Goliath

11/4/18 – As the US mid-term voting goes into its final days, please allow me to point out a few things to you. The military is at the US / Mexico border. Continue reading “Call to Prayer and Spiritual Warfare for the Nation”

Video: Adonai, give us Your heart for the nations!

Fill us up and send us out to the wounded and the broken

Crimea blackout_moscow times Nov 2015

As we watch all that is unfolding in the Middle East and the persistently dangerous stand-off in Ukraine and Crimea, this video helps us in personal prayer and worship time to intercede for the nations and the leaders, for the people suffering without heat and a lack of food, and those suffering persecution. Continue reading “Video: Adonai, give us Your heart for the nations!”