Has Netanyahu set prophetic stage for the Two Witnesses?

Has Israel given Mount Zion to the Vatican?

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Vatican Suspends Vote on Commission to Hold Pedophile Priests Accountable

US Conference of Catholic Bishops delays vote pending Vatican approval; Crd. DiNardo, “We’re not happy about this.”

11/13/18 – (InfoWars; Adan Salazar) The Vatican stepped in to prevent a vote at a US bishops’ conference Monday which could have led to the formation of a commission to hold bishops accountable for child sex abuse crimes. Continue reading “Vatican Suspends Vote on Commission to Hold Pedophile Priests Accountable”

Pope likens Jesus to ISIS; calls on Europe to breed with migrants

In interview Pope makes shocking statements echoing Sheikh Muhammad Ayed

Pope_performing mass

5/18/16 – Pope Francis continues his campaign of all things One World Government by telling Europeans to breed with migrants due to declining birthrates.  He also stunned the Christian world by likening Jesus to ISIS, Continue reading “Pope likens Jesus to ISIS; calls on Europe to breed with migrants”

Obama wants to rule the world

Obama seeks U.N. position of Secretary General – Kuwaiti news reports


1/9/16 – This did not surprise me when it came across the news wires.  If the story is true, we have something to be very concerned about.  Since the Clinton’s have wanted to rule the world for a very long time, I wonder what fireworks are taking place behind the scenes?  Obviously, this could have great prophetic significance. Continue reading “Obama wants to rule the world”

Say WHAT??? Pope Says Jesus Christ ended in failure!

Pope denies the deity of Christ…again.  Commentary by ShofarChic.

PHOTO: Pope Francis presides over evening prayers at St. Patricks Cathedral in New York, Sept. 24, 2015. “The cross shows us a different way of measuring success. Ours is to plant the seeds. God sees to the fruits of our labors. And if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and not produce fruit, we need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross.” Continue reading “Say WHAT??? Pope Says Jesus Christ ended in failure!”

Agenda 21 is old news: Now we begin Agenda 2030

Opening speech to be delivered by the Marxist pope, Francis, “A new universal agenda for humanity.”

AFP 544012119 I REL VAT -9/22/15 – The U.N.’s Sustainable Development Summit; New York, NY; Kick off on 9/25; main topic: Agenda 2030. Pope Francis will address the General Assembly of World Leaders to start this roll-out.  The push from the Pope, again, is one-world government, and a one-world religion.  Continue reading “Agenda 21 is old news: Now we begin Agenda 2030”

How to host Pope Francis this week: Obama learns from Bush

When Pope Francis makes his first visit to Washington, this week, President Obama will do something he has rarely done in his six years in office: He’ll follow George W. Bush’s example.


Obama will take the unusual step of welcoming Francis in person at Andrews Air Force Base, just outside Washington, greeting the head of the Catholic Church as he disembarks from the chartered aircraft that brings him to the United States after the first leg of his North American tour, a stop in Cuba.

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News Update 8/30/15

Look up!  Your redemption draws nigh!

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News Update 8/18/15

Here are some recent quotes and headlines.  Everything continues to speed up so this is just a couple of days of news.  Gerald Celente, Coming Stock Market Crash, Russian Troops in Ukraine, Doomsday Clock Closer to Midnight, Silence of the US Media, California Drought, Russia and NATO Preparing for War.

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