Planned Parenthood cleared by TX jury; whistle blowers indicted

Texas grand jury has indicted two anti-abortion activists

1/26/16 – What’s up is down, what’s right is wrong.  Selling human body parts is illegal but the whistle blowers who captured PP officials discussing pricing and details on video for exactly that are indicted as PP gets cleared.  The end is near! Continue reading “Planned Parenthood cleared by TX jury; whistle blowers indicted”

Texas Defunds Planned Parenthood

Texas on Monday barred Planned Parenthood from receiving state Medicaid money“The gruesome harvesting of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood will not be allowed in Texas and the barbaric practice must be brought to an end,” Governor Greg Abbott said in a statement.

Sex ed for 8 year olds? What does that have to do with the NWO?

Why are younger and younger children being targeted with sexual perversion under the guise of “sex education”?

Norway Sex Ed for 8yr olds10/1/15 – Around the world, all at the same time these other bizarre and statistically improbable events are occurring, right in lock-step with the Luciferian agenda I might add, perversion is moving into high gear to say the least.  It always comes with the deal: they want the children and they want them sexualized. Continue reading “Sex ed for 8 year olds? What does that have to do with the NWO?”

States Move To Ban Profit from Fetal Tissue Sales

Several states are now taking action in light of the undercover Planned Parenthood videos to prohibit anyone from making a profit off the sales of fetal tissue.

Wisconsin State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald

In New York, state Senator John DeFrancisco has introduced a bill that would prohibit “valuable consideration” (i.e. profit) from the sale of any human organs or tissues and that would include anything taken from an abortion baby.

The Republican leader of the Wisconsin State Senate told reporters that he wants to pass a similar measure but make sure it focuses on the tissue taken from aborted babies.  The proposal has broad support in the Republican dominated Senate, but an addition that would make it a felony to use aborted baby tissue in research has drawn concern…