US withdrawal from Syria: A prophetic analysis

“This is huge; stunning. It has profound implications and ramifications.”

12/22/18 – Born in Beirut, Lebanon to an Egyptian father and Palestinian mother, Calvary Chapel Kanoehe Pastor J.D. Farag has valuable insight into biblical prophecy concerning the middle east. His weekly Prophecy Update Continue reading “US withdrawal from Syria: A prophetic analysis”

World leaders talk of uniting against terror; a global military force?

G20 Summit: World leaders pledge strong response to Paris attacks.  “We are face to face with the concept of collective terrorism,” Erdogan said

11 15 15_G20 Summit_Obama_David Cameron UK Prime MinisterWorld leaders gathered for the G20 Summit Sunday along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast promising a forceful international response to the terrorist attacks in Paris Continue reading “World leaders talk of uniting against terror; a global military force?”