North Korea fires more missiles, world watches

Un continues pursuit of missiles capable of reaching the US mainland as world trembles


3/17/16 – (AP)  North Korea defied U.N. resolutions by firing a medium-range ballistic missile into the sea on Friday, Seoul and Washington officials said, days after its leader Kim Jong Un ordered weapons tests linked to its pursuit of a long-range nuclear missile capable of reaching the U.S. mainland. Continue reading “North Korea fires more missiles, world watches”

Kim Jong Un stirring up trouble

This time the threats are different


3/14/16 – With the annual  US/South Korea military drills near China getting North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in a tizzy, his threats have become more troublesome, at least according to the reaction of the military powers. Continue reading “Kim Jong Un stirring up trouble”

Combat missiles heading to US found in passenger aircraft in Serbia

Included documents state Portland, Oregon was the destination

Surface to air missile

3/13/16 – (Sputnick News)  Serbian authorities have started an investigation into reports that two air-to-surface missiles, presumably destined for the US, were found in a passenger aircraft. Continue reading “Combat missiles heading to US found in passenger aircraft in Serbia”