Fox News dumping Rubio

“We’re finished with Rubio…. We can’t do the Rubio thing anymore.” – Roger Ailes


3/3/16 – Fox News is finished with Rubio.  Why is this story important?  1) Because it’s blatant proof they’ve been favoring him.  2) Because it is just one of dozens and dozens of examples of how the media is trying to manipulate your mind and your vote. Continue reading “Fox News dumping Rubio”

Kerry: Nuclear Deal Blocks New Congress Sanctions on Iran

US Secretary of State John Kerry has revealed that the Iran nuclear deal will limit the ability of Congress to impose new sanctions on the Islamic regime over its gamut of violations, as was first exposed on Thursday.


In an on-the-record letter in response to questions by Republican presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) that was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Kerry noted that theoretically Congress could impose new non-nuclear sanctions after the deal.

However, he said that in effect Congress would be rendered powerless, as Iran could take the sanctions as an excuse to forego the deal and therefore the administration would not back new sanctions.

According to the letter, not only would reimposing nuclear sanctions be near impossible, but imposing new sanctions on Iran’s support of terror, its rampant human rights violations or its ballistic missile program will also be off limits.

As reported on Israel National News, a senior political strategist in Washington DC involved in Iran sanctions told the Washington Free Beacon that the Obama administration’s decision to let Iran set the terms with its threat of leaving the deal makes no sense.”You have to understand how crazy backwards this is,” said the strategist on condition of anonymity.