Mike Adams: Coronavirus is engineered weapon; must-see update

“If we don’t change the shape of that [bell] curve, it’s catastrophic.”

covid bell curve

3/8/20 – In an update interview, Mike Adams discusses the math, the actual numbers, and the consequences of the current direction if we don’t get ahead of this. Be Continue reading “Mike Adams: Coronavirus is engineered weapon; must-see update”

Pentagon sends troops to CA border amid fears of border rush

The government is sending 160 soldiers to help border agents block the migrant surge that is expected if the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals strikes down the Migrant Protection Protocols.


3/6/2020 – (Breitbart) The MPP program has sent roughly 60,000 migrants back into Mexico, prior to their eventual asylum hearings in the United States. The return policy Continue reading “Pentagon sends troops to CA border amid fears of border rush”

Potential Health System Overload via Covid-19

If the virus tracks with Italy’s figures and 10% of patients require an ICU, all available beds will be filled by around May 8th.

corona virus beds china

3/8/20 – I’m reposting Hedge’s article from yesterday on this issue because I think you need to be aware of it. But, my message to you upfront is, you have many options to protect yourself and your family. Continue reading “Potential Health System Overload via Covid-19”

The Web of the Covid-19 Epidemic

It’s not just about the virus itself: it is about all of the spin-off issues connected to the virus epidemic.


3/5/2020 – We are still being told by the former mainstream media that there’s nothing to see here, that Covid-19 is just a seasonal flu. Continue reading “The Web of the Covid-19 Epidemic”