Citi: Wold economy seems trapped in a ‘death spiral’

Could lead to further weakness in oil prices, recession and a serious equity bear market, strategists warn


2/5/16 – (CNBC) “The world appears to be trapped in a circular reference death spiral,” Citi strategists led by Jonathan Stubbs said in a report on Thursday. Continue reading “Citi: Wold economy seems trapped in a ‘death spiral’”

Terry Sacka: Fed rate hike could be pulling the pin on the economy

“What they did was merely saving face and giving them the ability to lower that rate real soon with what is coming.”


Terry Sacka of Cornerstone Asset Metals called it as he sees it in a TruNews interview on Wednesday, December 16th.

“The last time the Fed raised rates, the debt to GDP was 61%; now it’s 104%.  Housing starts were 2.5 million and booming; now they’re barely 1 million.  We’re not doing even remotely okay to have rates go up but Continue reading “Terry Sacka: Fed rate hike could be pulling the pin on the economy”

KWN Report: Panic is beginning to engulf the world.

“Japan’s stock market plunging nearly 4 percent as fear spreads across the globe.”

KWN-Wall Street Panic_864x400Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  “The Market CDX North America High-Yield Index (CDX) jumped 20% on Monday. That’s the largest jump in at least a decade, as traders scramble to buy protection against widespread defaults in high-yield bonds (see chart below).” Continue reading “KWN Report: Panic is beginning to engulf the world.”

Jim Willie – “The dollar will eventually be defended by the military.”

“Isn’t it rather clear that everything is falling apart?”

Jim_WIllie_TRUNEWSIn a scathing analysis on a TruNews interview, statistical analyst and publisher of The Hat Trick Letter, Jim Willie connected all the dots on the current financial crisis, events around the world and war, including the Volkswagen scandal, hidden trillions of QE, oil prices, the shortage of physical gold and silver, and a coming global reset of the financial system.  You’ll have a much better understanding of how these events connect after hearing this no-holds-barred interview.


9/14/15 Inverview with Gerald Celente – “It’s Going To Be Worse Than the Crash of ’29”

“Watch commodity prices very closely, watch currency and watch China because we’re going to see a lot of broken china.”

Gerald_Celente_TRUNEWS“We’re in the midst now of a global economic slow-down, a meltdown, that’s gonna be worse than the crash of 1929 because it’s been artificially inflated since the panic of ’08 with trillions of dollars of cheap money to pump up the equity markets so the big guys can make a lot of dough as everybody else loses money.  The average American family has lost 6K dollars since ’08.” Continue reading “9/14/15 Inverview with Gerald Celente – “It’s Going To Be Worse Than the Crash of ’29””

9/3/15 “A Dollar Crash of Biblical Proportion” – Bill Holter

Bill Holter

Bill Holter is back and he says “Something Just Happened”. In fact, something changed three weeks ago and a series of events began which has led to a cascading collapse in global markets and some very strange happenings in the precious metals markets.

In silver last week there was confirmed volume of 122,482 contracts traded in a single day which represents 612 MILLION ounces of physical silver … or over 87% of annual global silver production. Meanwhile China has sold $100 billion worth of Treasury bonds over the last two weeks. Continue reading “9/3/15 “A Dollar Crash of Biblical Proportion” – Bill Holter”