Say hello to China’s social control system

How ultra oppressive mass surveillance and social control works in Xinjiang, China.

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Facebook hires DOJ lawyer Kate Patchen amid Trump anti-trust concerns

Facebook looks as if it’s preparing for war with US President Donald Trump.

11/23/18 – A showdown is emerging as the public demands action against the censorship and mind control of the social engineering wizards. The campaign has been gathering signatures on this issue and is shortly Continue reading “Facebook hires DOJ lawyer Kate Patchen amid Trump anti-trust concerns”

Facebook: Duplicity In Motion

Investigation: Facebook employed Washington-based consultant to promote negative stories about Facebook’s competitors.

11/18/18 – An article released on the 14th by The New York Times documents how Senator Chuck Schumer intervened on Facebook’s behalf Continue reading “Facebook: Duplicity In Motion”

Stop Big Tech From Censoring You; sign petition to White House

Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube colluded in the coordinated to limit reach of conservatives.

11/12/18 – In response to the Orwelian censorship of all things conservative by Big Tech, which falls under the categories of Social Engineering and Propaganda, the team at InfoWars has created a petition that will go directly to the White House: Continue reading “Stop Big Tech From Censoring You; sign petition to White House”