“CERN is the No 1 problem,” says expert

“Because we’re focused on the issues in the Middle East, no one is looking at CERN”

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Mock human sacrifice ritual performed at CERN

Occult ritual complete with a mock human sacrifice surrounding Shiva statue


8/19/16 – Just when we’re shaking off the darkness and creep-factor of the Gotthard Tunnel display CERN steps up to take the baton.  Scientists at CERN who are unnamed at this point, planned out and performed an occult ritual.  Continue reading “Mock human sacrifice ritual performed at CERN”

Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony: occult, satanic spectacle

Dignitaries from six nations view occult ceremony; complete with perversion and demonic symbolism

Opening Ceremony_Satan_Scarabs

6/6/16 – Readers, I’m struggling to write this article.  After watching the video of the opening ceremony for the new Gotthard train tunnel in Switzerland, I feel a sickening heaviness, a burden to alert you to what it means. Continue reading “Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony: occult, satanic spectacle”

April 19: Temple of Baal, Baal festival and…presidential primary in NY???

NY voters go to the polls as the temple of Baal is erected and celebrated in Times Square


4/12/16 – These are very strange times.  I’ve written two articles about the Temple of Baal going up in both New York and London on the 19th with Continue reading “April 19: Temple of Baal, Baal festival and…presidential primary in NY???”