KWN Report: Panic is beginning to engulf the world.

“Japan’s stock market plunging nearly 4 percent as fear spreads across the globe.”

KWN-Wall Street Panic_864x400Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  “The Market CDX North America High-Yield Index (CDX) jumped 20% on Monday. That’s the largest jump in at least a decade, as traders scramble to buy protection against widespread defaults in high-yield bonds (see chart below).” Continue reading “KWN Report: Panic is beginning to engulf the world.”

9/3/15 “Giant U.S. Pension Fund Calstrs to Propose Shift Away From Stocks, Bonds”

Calstrs to discuss shifting up to $12 billion to Treasurys, hedge funds, other investments

The nation’s second-largest pension fund is considering a significant shift away from some stocks and bonds, one of the most aggressive moves yet by a major retirement system to protect itself against another downturn.

Top investment officers of the California State Teachers’ Retirement System have discussed moving as much as 12% of the fund’s portfolio—or more than $20 billion—into U.S. Treasurys, hedge funds and other complex investments that they hope will perform well if markets tumble, according to public documents and people close to the fund. Its holdings of U.S. stocks and other bonds would likely decline to make room for the new investments. Continue reading “9/3/15 “Giant U.S. Pension Fund Calstrs to Propose Shift Away From Stocks, Bonds””