Say hello to China’s social control system

How ultra oppressive mass surveillance and social control works in Xinjiang, China.

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Interview with a Robot

Charlie Rose interviews Sophia, the latest AI…that we are allowed to see


10/10/16 – On a 60 Minutes segment airing this week about artificial intelligence, Charlie Rose interviews Sophia, a human-like robot with a sense of humor.  If this is what we get to see, what do they already have that we aren’t allowed to know about? Continue reading “Interview with a Robot”

AI bot goes from chat to full Nazi in less than 24 hours

Another harbinger of the AI future; will anyone listen?


3/24/16 – Okay, this is so upsetting that I had to post it.  Tech geeks and futurists are forging ahead with AI in spite of the numerous and repeated warning signs of not just possible but likely horrific consequences that keep presenting themselves. Continue reading “AI bot goes from chat to full Nazi in less than 24 hours”

“We’re about to wipe ourselves out” – Stephen Hawking

“Mankind could be wiped out by our own creations within the next 100 years.”

Stephen Hawking Jan 2016

1/20/16 -Cheery physicist Professor Stephen Hawking says that mankind could be wiped out by our own creations within the next 100 years. Continue reading ““We’re about to wipe ourselves out” – Stephen Hawking”

Are we in a Logan’s Run simulation?

Life imitates art imitates life. It looks like Logan’s Run is playing out all around us more and more every day.

logans-run_square11/15/15 – Remember the 1976 movie Logan’s Run? If not, you may want to look it up. Over the past few years I’ve seen and heard many things that cause me to recall this film Continue reading “Are we in a Logan’s Run simulation?”

Russian defense firm building army of AI robots; two-years to prototype

“We will be able to show prototypes in 1.5 to 2 years. We are gradually moving away from crewed machines,” Vyacheslav Khalitov, the defense firm’s deputy director general, said Tuesday.

Russian TanksThe trends in robotic engineering worldwide are about the same, he said. It all starts off with remote control technologies and, after that, artificial intelligence might be introduced. Uralvagonzavod (Russian defense firm) is following the same pattern.

Khalitov reassured that it’s too early to be afraid of the war of the machines since the whole idea will be under development for decades to come. However, the experience promises to be transformative for the industry, he said.

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