Brainwaves hackable to reveal passwords, empty bank accounts experts warn

Headsets that monitor your brainwaves could allow hackers to empty your bank account, scientists fear.

blue brain

6/30/17 – (Sun) A recent study found that EEGs could easily be hacked and have prompted serious security concerns in the scientific community. Continue reading “Brainwaves hackable to reveal passwords, empty bank accounts experts warn”

New ‘factory’ opens to design & build custom organisms

Opened in September, the Boston, MA, factory mass-produces GMO organisms.


10/23/16 – ( The organism company’s tagline is “Biology By Design,” and it aims to deliver just that in their second foundry, which is equipped with numerous robots that mash together huge batches of Continue reading “New ‘factory’ opens to design & build custom organisms”

Russia unveils world’s first ‘death ray’

New weapon uses directed microwave energy


10/14/16 – (Daily Mirror) This terrifying [picture] shows what Russia is claiming is the world’s first weapon to use microwave energy ‘death-rays’ to target military drones. Continue reading “Russia unveils world’s first ‘death ray’”

Interview with a Robot

Charlie Rose interviews Sophia, the latest AI…that we are allowed to see


10/10/16 – On a 60 Minutes segment airing this week about artificial intelligence, Charlie Rose interviews Sophia, a human-like robot with a sense of humor.  If this is what we get to see, what do they already have that we aren’t allowed to know about? Continue reading “Interview with a Robot”

UN could take over ICANN and the internet Oct. 1

ICANN passes from U.S. administration to the control of a multilateral body, likely UN


8/29/16 – (Breitbart)  While the administration and its defenders have denied that the UN will have authority over ICANN, the Wall Street Journal‘s L. Gordon Crovitz points out that ICANN will need to be run by a state agency in order to retain its antitrust exemption, which makes it almost certainly that the UN will step in to take control. Continue reading “UN could take over ICANN and the internet Oct. 1”

The U.S. Air Force wants to detonate plasma bombs in the sky

Air Force is working with several research teams on the project


8/12/16 – (Digital Trends) Radio communication is a weak point for most military operations — it is often not long enough or strong enough to adequately meet soldiers’ needs.  The U.S. Air Force’s “go big or go home” solution to improve their long-distance calls?  Supercharge the atmosphere Continue reading “The U.S. Air Force wants to detonate plasma bombs in the sky”