US Cvid19 cases double in 48 hrs; will be Italy in 9-14 days, say experts

After analyzing the growth rates that we are currently seeing all over Europe, computer scientist Mark Handley declared that “everyone else will be Italy in 9-14 days time” -ZeroHedge

cvd19 graph_mar 11

3/11/20 – We don’t have to panic if we prepare and learn from what is happening ahead of us on the curve! Learn what has worked elsewhere and implement that: isolation from the illness, just as our ancestors did in the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918, and taking natural measures that are available to everyone to strengthen your body and defend against illness.

Now with that said, look at what’s happening.

ZeroHedge reports: “At this moment, the entire nation of Italy has been locked down. If Handley is correct, we should expect to see this happen in a bunch of other countries before two more weeks are gone.”

Michael Snyder writes: Of course Handley is not the only one making these sorts of projections.  Dr. John Crane of the University of Buffalo says that the U.S. is “on the exact same trajectory” as Italy.

He told in an interview that the world had never seen anything like the outbreak and that the US seemed to be watching how Italy responded before making any drastic decisions of its own.

‘It looks like they’re on the exact same trajectory. Italy had an 11.5 day head start,’ he said, referring to the data.

This is exactly what Mike Adams predicted with his math and research. See his mathematical model spreadsheet where you can test your own numbers here.

“ICU beds in Italian epicenter near capacity – will soon have to decide who lives or dies,” ExtinctionProtocol.

Italy has suspended payments on mortgages due to the coronavirus outbreak as more than 9,000 people have been infected and over 460 have died, the government announced on Tuesday. – ZeroHedge

Trump must lock down US just like Italy to get virus under control, Adams wrote on March 10.

Today Adams writes: As the U.S. continues to deal with the upswing of coronavirus cases, which has now surpassed 1,000 as of Tuesday night, most of the country still isn’t prepared for what will come next, according to public health scientists Michael Osterholm. In an interview with CNBC, he noted that the government’s current response to COVID-19 isn’t enough, given its magnitude of spread, saying that the virus is already past its containment stage.

“Right now we’re approaching this like it’s the Washington, D.C., blizzard — for a couple of days we’re shut down,” added Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. “This is actually a coronavirus winter and we’re in the first week.”

To understand how this can impact you from multiple angles, see The Web of the CoVid-19 Epidemic.

ICU beds near the Italian epicenter are near capacity. People are starting to die at home and the system doesn’t yet know what to do with them, endangering others.

Take this very seriously; stop saying it’s just another flu.

  • Seasonal flu is not a engineered bioweapon.
  • Seasonal flu does not cause permanent organ damage.
  • Seasonal flu does not cause full-blown relapse after seeming complete recovery.
  • Seasonal flu does not cause multiple countries to implement nationwide lock-down: Russia, China, Singapore, South Korea, Italy…stressing their own economies and the global economy. The countries that did this early have very low numbers of the virus. That IS science: the evidence of best practices!
  • Seasonal flu does not have a 24 day incubation period in stealth mode, which provides maximum spread of the infection.
  • CoVid-19 has an R0 factor (the number of people an infected person infects) of 6.6, seasonal flu is 2-3.
  • Seasonal flu is mild, infects lots of people, but only has a mortality rate of .07%. According to the W.H.O., Covid-19 has a mortality rate ranging from 2%-17%, depending on circumstances, medical care, age, health, immune function, nutritional profile, and other possible variants. Wrap your head around those numbers. The global mortality rate has now reached 6% which is 60 times higher than seasonal flu.

Don’t allow yourself to succumb to this virus due to poor choices and denial. And, keep in mind that most will recover.

The political left is shamefully using this as a weapon of fear, to attack president Trump, and to threaten the unfolding election process. Don’t allow that to manipulate your choices. England hasn’t shut their country down yet either. I would have preferred we had already done so, because either choice has the potential for disaster: shutting down more severely impacts our economy, and not shutting down further impacts lives directly.

We can survive this but it will be with isolation: get ready for that. It will probably be for at least a month. If you stay tuned to, you can monitor what’s going on and the Johns Hopkins map as the trend goes up and eventually back down, as China is now beginning to see.

UK’s Channel 4 News posted an interview with professor Giacomo Grasselli, a senior Italian government health official who is coordinating the network of intensive care units in Lombardy – explains the “critical” situation in Italy.

“We have a huge number of patients being treated in the ICU and in our hospitals. I know the situation of the ICUs very well since I am coordinating the network of CoVid-19 ICUs. We now have around 600 patients being treated in the ICUs, in about 55 dedicated ICUs…It’s an incredible stress for the system.”

The roller coaster has just left the station. It will be a bumpy ride before this is over.

Keep some cash in small bills with you in case there is a bank shut down due to economic instability. And remember, your first defense is prayer! Pray for yourself and your family, pray for our country, and pray for president Trump. To my knowledge, never in US history has a president endured so many crises, one after another, after another. The radical left that is the uncloaked former democrat party, would love to find a way to use this to take down president Trump and to destroy the country. They have stated many times that they would rather see the economy implode if it will remove president Trump, and things of that sort. Our president has survived unprecedented attack. If they damage him, it will all get much worse.

This, dear friends, is a time for intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare on all levels. Get on your knees.



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