Virus is vehicle for China’s new app of complete control

To combat the coronoavirus, China is undertaking it’s biggest experiment yet in Rule by Data: an app that automates quarantines.

3/9/20 – “Alibaba software, using unexplained data, now decides whether millions can leave their homes. It also shares data with the police,” writes an American NY Times’ reporter in China, Paul Mozur.

Please watch this outstanding video report by AmazingPolly which provides an overview of this system, the tech of tracking humans, and police who have helmets that track temperature.

This system is a heavy oppression, aided by Zuckerberg and Co, that provides very little wiggle room. If there’s an error it’s yours, not the state’s. Your complaint, no matter how polite, is met with harshness or aggression.

Mozur wrote, “Effectively, the app is required now to do anything in many places. Here’s what it looks like trying to get onto the subway in Hangzhou. Overnight the city went from lockdown to relying on the app. If your code is green, you can ride. If you’re given yellow or red, you’re stuck.”

“The codes can’t last forever. They’re too inconvenient. But each time there’s a crisis in China, the state takes more power. ‘The coronavirus outbreak is proving to be one of those landmarks in the history of the spread of mass surveillance in China,’ @wang_maya told us.” (emphasis added)

So, whether the virus was released accidentally or on purpose, here’s another way the oppressors are using it to increase their reach and tighten their grip. Here’s Sinagpore’s system. The word ‘privacy’ has no meaning here:

And here is the gentle way the police enforce the harsh restrictions in China. Can you say Police State? THIS IS COMMUNISM:

Since the emergence of CoVid-19, I’ve been concerned about the machines and big tech swarming like flies on the opportunity the virus presents. Here are the wonders of AI in motion, helping in the crisis. What are you so afraid of? Can’t you see that AI will help humanity?? (sarcasm)

“Never let a crisis go to waste,” said demonically inspired Saul Alinsky, Hillary Clinton’s mentor. (Read the article on Hillary’s mentors here.) Keep that in mind as we enter this election season. Slithering Saul also said, “True radicals do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within.” And, “They have the guns therefore we are for peace and reformation through the ballot. When we have the guns then it will be through the bullet.”

If we don’t fight the battle before us against socialism, which is just the lobotomized monkey greeting party for communism and the one world system, this tech tracking will be in the US in what may seem afterwards like merely a heartbeat.

Behavior of a lobotomized monkey: “Basically, prefrontally lobotomized nonhuman animals will not be as afraid of things they had learned to fear in the past.” -Katya Lysander, PhD

Also see the ShofarBlast article, Did China Just Launch the Mark of the Beast? Mandatory by 2020, and Say Hello to China’s Social Control System to get an understanding of their system and how this new piece will integrate.


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