Say hello to China’s social control system

How ultra oppressive mass surveillance and social control works in Xinjiang, China.

5/4/19 – Human Rights Watch released a report with video on the oppressive system already at work in China…made possible by Google and Facebook’s Zuckerberg. In this video you will get a terrifying glimpse into the dark looking glass, what the technocracy has created, where it’s headed, and the anxiety inducing parallels to our current position down the yellow brick road here in the US.

The water was warm and friendly for the willingly ignorant frogs for awhile…but now it’s starting to boil.

We MUST immediately demand these tech-oppressors be brought into some sort of control. This danger is so high that, even if its progression is halted, it will be a difficult stranglehold to break.

Recently I’ve heard some people complain that President Trump wasn’t doing anything about it. My opinion is that he is. He said he was addressing it a few months ago. But, even if that’s true, this video has made clear he would have to have the best and brightest of the tech geniuses working for the US and for freedom, and it would have to be done in the most stealthy way possible. He CANNOT speak about it if it is being done.

But it’s also a double edged sword. He also needs the tech to not be overtaken by countries like China.

Even if President Trump can hold back the tidal wave while he is in office, even if he has a second term, what will happen then? That is just a few years away.

This video may help you see why that would be the case. Defeating a NWO that has already unleashed this techno-subjugator, the BEAST system, would not be an easy task. And China would love to get their tentacles wrapped around the throats of the US. Life is very cheap in the oppressive Chinese system.

Just days ago another massive web crackdown on 500 conservative information sites has put this oppression in the news again. Alex Jones and his InfoWars news network was, of course, one of the top targets. He claimed on his 5/4/19 broadcast that sources told him that AI had already been activated and that it was censoring the web in real time.

His attorney, Robert Barnes, who co-hosted the show, said that FB was looking into creating their own cryptocurrency.

Hmmm, remind you of the video above and the Mark of the Beast described in the Bible?

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“I think the biggest thing is they’ve now jumped the shark in terms of they’re no longer saying here’s who can be on the social media, here’s who can use social media, here’s who can use PayPal. They’re now saying here’s who you, the ordinary person out there, can talk about. Here’s who’s names you can reference, here’s what links you can share. But it goes beyond that. You literally cannot say the name Alex Jones now. You cannot say the name InfoWars or you’re subject to censorship, subject to suppression, subject to being banned. And this happens literally two days after Zuckerberg says, hey, I want everyone to use FaceBook to become your living room. And what is he doing today? He’s getting rid of all living rooms and private chat rooms that mention the words Alex Jones or InfoWars,” explained Barnes.

“In that room is a Soviet agent with a machine gun who takes you to the gulag if you say a name,” Alex adds.

WATCH: Big Tech Jumps The Shark With Unprecedented Censorship

This obviously connects to Christian persecution. I’ve written in recent days about the explosion of persecution against Christians around the world. It is very prevalent in China.

READ: Christian Persecution Near Genocide Levels

This should be a wake up call for all of us: How very foolish we’ve been, how very lazy we’ve been, how very gullible we’ve been. We let Zuck and his idiot-savant flying monkeys slip nooses around our necks as they smooth-talked us with FB connections and ways to stay in touch with loved ones, and we paid them a thousand dollars each for their phones that were essentially the rope.

READ: Did China Just Launch The Mark of the Beast? Mandatory by 2020

Worse, our decisions here in the US that create a demand for these gadgets, created demand around the world, meaning oppression for other nations that imported and established that tech locally.

What gets me is that these tech-getto-creating fools, in the truest and biblical sense of the word, are handing the tools to oppress the world over to dictators, and that same tech will be very soon used against themselves. All for some temporary money and power. Zuckerberg will not be immune to these blood thirsty Luciferian tyrants. They will eventually come for him too. Maybe he’s lost in a whirlpool of arrogance or narcissistic blindness.

RFID powder next to human hair
RFID powder next to human hair

The hour is very late. The beast system is here. And, imagine adding to that nanotech injected into you and your family members by forced vaccinations (already being enacted all over the US) or deployed into your ventilation system. Ah, yes, the third strand of DNA and the system will be complete. Think they don’t have that yet? You’re a few decades behind. They’ve already been doing it. They are like microscopic computer chips that are fully upgradable and were designed to be used for years to come.

This past week on the Hagmann Report guest Tracy Beanz said Joe Digenova revealed that one of the surveillance instruments they wanted to use on President Trump was a microscopic listening device that would have been “in a sheet of paper” (scroll to 20:24).

It is reported that the military has drones the size of mosquitoes.

SEE: Boston Dynamics Robots: just the stuff they will let you see.

WATCH Demonstration of Defense Robotic Weapons from 2017:

The Black Hornet drone by FLIR:

This is a dramatization based on fact, created by Ban Lethal Autonomous Weapons:

Think China has this stuff in addition to their ultra-oppressive surveillance system? Of course they do. I’ve been repeatedly told by those who know that the secret stuff is 25-50 years ahead of what you see in a Hollywood movie.

Very soon there will be no place to hide and any of our children that survive will wonder at the stupidity of the over-privileged Americans who were too lazy to respond even as we saw the troops coming over the hill for the past several decades.

It is the movie Elysium…and Hunger Games. It is the video Extraterrestrial by Katy Perry.

We must engage in warfare prayer with great urgency. We must be relentless with our spiritual sword swinging against the forces of darkness. And we must enter the porch with weeping and fasting, repenting for our blindness and laziness. We must organize in every corner of this nation and draw a line in the sand, address every government official and demand they follow the will of the majority, which is NOT radical left socialist.

We are responsible for allowing the orcs to advance onto the territory given to us by God to protect. The US is the last speed bump on the NWO highway. If we go down, the rest of the world will not have a chance.

What can you do?

**Get trained in spiritual warfare by someone who understands and works in the deeper level calling. Suggestions: Russ Dizdar; Myrtle Ministries; Dr. Michael Lake.

Shake your loved ones out of the coma! This is an all hands on deck alert!

Withdraw from FaceBook! Boycott FaceBook! Speak with your dollars!

Write and call elected officials, both local and in Washington and demand protection from techno slavery.

Please join me in prayer, repentance, and fasting. Organize a intercessory prayer group at your church for this subject. Intercede for our nation and our president.

The last fingers of freedom are being wrenched from the last branch on the tree of liberty. If we lose our freedom and autonomy it may never again rest on this soil.

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Video Documentary on China Surveillance System

Hagmann Report with Tracy Beanz 4/30/19

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