New jaw-dropping video: CA firemen find signatures of directed energy weapons

Reporter Greg Reese continues to document the mystery behind the recent California wildfires that left 631 missing and 88 dead.

1/4/19 -With the utter non-stop chaos from the radical left around the world we can’t forget about the incredibly disturbing and anomalous evidence in the cinder covered aftermath of the California fires that left 88 dead and 631 still missing. Over 13,000 homes were completely destroyed.

This new video by News Wars‘ investigative reporter, Greg Reese, documents the mind bending evidence that suggests this was far from an ordinary wildfire.

We must not let this go and we must start asking questions. Who did this? Was it within the US government or outside? Was it terrorism? Was it a false flag attack? Or was it the deep state both accomplishing a goal of clearing the Agenda 21 land areas and sending a message to the rest of us to comply?

Please watch this 6-minute video and share it. This is so disturbing and such line in the sand that we must do something about it.


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Greg Reese