Year-End Summary: microchipping craze, Christian persecution, China’s social credit system

“I’ve heard about this Mark of the Beast business my whole life. I think it’s true! It’s already here!” – Lionel

12/31/18 – “I’ve heard about this Mark of the Beast business my whole life. I think it’s true…biblical prophecy…the more I hear about this! Everything we do…so…we can talk about this but this isn’t coming, it’s already here!”

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This was the emphatic statement of self-professed agnostic, legal consultant, and commentator Lionel said in a December 28th on-camera interview with RT when discussing the craze in Sweden for microchipping and the state tracking that comes with it.

Has China declared war on Christianity? Yes. Did you know China has brought its persecution of Christians to a whole new level reminiscent of Mao? The campaign against unregistered churches that began a few years ago has turned into a all-out war on Christianity.

In addition, China has released a new state surveillance tool, “gait recognition,” another piece of the terrifying totalitarian surveillance system already in place. The first punishments from the social credit system have already begun.

China also now has the distinction of announcing the first genetically engineered babies.

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