MUST SEE!! In depth with Dave Janda on 2019

Greg Hunter’s in depth interview of Dave Janda on the Bush funeral mysterious envelopes and state of the union entering a new year.

12/30/18 – Host of the popular radio show “Operation Freedom” Dr. Dave Janda warns about the massive debt problems the world is facing and the coming economic reset. Dr. Janda says Trump is correct when he says, “The real problem is the Fed and not China.” Janda says the Deep State “rigged the economy to implode” with massive amounts of debt. Dr. Janda says, “Trump has been buying time” to put the American people in the best position possible when it all comes down. Dr. Janda says the economic system is “vapor” and contends, “This is all part of the war we are in right now.” Don’t worry because Janda says, “The hammer of justice will fall in 2019.”

Among the topics covered in the two-hour interview are:

  • Huber and Horowitz: good or bad actors?
  • The investigation is tasked with two things: 1) the email investigation; how the DOJ and FBI handled the investigation of Hillary Clinton, 2) the DOJ and FBI under Obama regarding the Russian collusion set up against the Trump campaign.
  • The 19,000 texts of Strzok and Page that Mueller’s team deleted that Horowitz say they found them and they have them.
  • Horowitz recommended others for prosecution and has another report coming out.
  • The Huber date to testify being derailed by the Bush funeral.
  • There are many separate investigations underway and all are unprecedented:
    • Clinton Foundation
    • Benghazi
    • Email scandal and the resulting deaths
    • DOJ & FBI cover up
    • Iran deal
  • Whistle-blowers Moynihan and Doyle
  • Bush funeral mystery cards
  • The state and impact of Obmacare changes
  • Economy, Fed, and financial system

This is an outstanding and in-depth interview. Please listen and please share.


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