US withdrawal from Syria: A prophetic analysis

“This is huge; stunning. It has profound implications and ramifications.”

12/22/18 – Born in Beirut, Lebanon to an Egyptian father and Palestinian mother, Calvary Chapel Kanoehe Pastor J.D. Farag has valuable insight into biblical prophecy concerning the middle east. His weekly Prophecy Update is viewed by thousands around the world. This latest milestone on the prophetic timeline is of such import that Pastor Farag recorded an Urgent Bible Prophecy Update that has already received over 69k views. The video is below.

He covers very important insights on things such as:

  • What does this exit from Syria have to do with Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38?
  • Is. 17:1 Damascus becomes a ruinous heap.
  • Ez 38:13 The mysterious absence of Syria among the listed nations and the US absence from defending Israel.
  • What is the significance of the visit by Sudanese president, al-Bashir to Syria just days before the sudden US withdrawal?
  • Sudan is one of the nations listed in Ez 38 as being allied with Russia, Turkey, and Iran.
  • Why is Israel concerned about this decision? Did Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu try to change President Trump’s mind?

Steven Ben-Nun on Israeli News Live pondered the possibility that President Trump knows something is coming and is working to get our troops out of harms way or perhaps something going on with Iran. His report was the only one I found that mentioned that the US has ordered the only remaining aircraft carrier in the middle east back home.

“It looks like we have a bad situation coming,” he said.

He also highlighted the WaPo article, Turkey threatens to ‘bury’ Kurdish forces in Syria amid US withdrawal. The Kurdish people are under real threat.

This has the potential to get very bad very quickly.

This week a business contact who is rather agnostic started a conversation with me about Christianity. I mentioned to him that one of the astonishing proofs of scripture is prophecy. A full third of the bible texts involve prophecy so it must be pretty important. Nostradamus is credited with, even among his supporters, only about a 20% accuracy rate even though his prophecies were so very vague. The Bible, which is a completely different category of prophetic texts, has a 100% accuracy rate, and the prophecies are strikingly specific. Just ponder, for example, that there are over 300 prophecies about who the Messiah would be, where he would be born, the city in which he would be born, how he would die, and a host of other things, hundreds of years before he was born.

There are 40 authors of the biblical texts written over a period of approximately 2,000 years and all of the theology, concepts, and prophecies are completely congruent! It is one great choir with varying yet complimentary parts and melodies, all singing the same song!

I encourage you to watch this important update from Pastor Farag and to read Matthew 24. Ask Yeshua to open your eyes to the truth and pray about the days in which we live, our country, and the part you are to play in the end of days. Live a life poured out! When you see these things don’t be afraid! Look up! Because it means Yeshua is about to return! Praise his name forever!

Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender, and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near; even so you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door.
-Matthew 24:32-33