Obamacare ruled unconstitutional: What does it mean for you?

This MUST SEE explanation reminds us what actually happened on the O-care journey and what the new ruling means.

12/20/18 – Who wrote O-care? Insurance industry.

What happened to the insurance stock price after it was implemented? It exploded!

What happened to the insurance company profits after O-care was implemented? Unparalleled profits, over 600% increase.

Why was the original word “penalty” in the legislation, one of the three legs of Obamacare, changed to “tax” with no change in the definition? Because it was unconstitutional and Justice Roberts was pressured.

Dr. Janda provides an outstanding tutorial on what happened and what this new ruling by Judge Reed O’Connor last week that O-care is unconstitutional means for your healthcare.

He points out that O-care was a gift to the insurance industry, global syndicate, and deep state because it was about control. It was not about creating more availability or more affordable, higher quality health care:

“It was about control. If you control people’s healthcare delivery, you can control their health. If you control their health, you control every family, business, person, how they live and how they die.”

TwiceBlest commented:

O-care charged us $1500/month for two healthy people and BC/BS DENIED EVERY CLAIM!!! We were paying for EVERYTHING!!! We aren’t rich! We had to get off that apple cart. Imagine $18,000/year for so-called insurance with a $10,000 deductible and NOTHING was ever applied to the deductible! That’s THIEVERY!!! It was cheaper to pay the penalty and our own bills (which we were already doing)!! O-care should go in the trash heap where it belongs!!! Meant to bankrupt the country!!!

I had countless conversations with many people who, like myself, had the same experience as TwiceBlest. O-care was a terrifying financial burden that put families in a far worse place than they had been before the legislation was enacted.

READ Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional

I also had conversations with doctor friends who retold the stories of their colleagues who had to shutter their practices because of Obamacare. Some of the doctors I spoke with came very close to having to do the same thing themselves. One shared that he was working harder and much longer hours while making less money than ever before and was still unsure if he could keep his practice open. His practice survived but barely.

MsM is not going to remind you that in some states, the O-care premiums rose over 100% in one year! They will not remind you that in some states such as Tennessee, all of the providers went out of business until there was only one left in the state!

While the Socialists are screaming Medicare/Medicaid for all, they will not tell you that “people on Medicare/Medicaid have poor healthcare outcomes. They have a higher propensity to die than people who have NO INSURANCE AT ALL.” [emphasis added]

They will scream, as the AMA has recently done, that “tens of millions” of people will lose their healthcare coverage even though the head of Medicare/Medicaid has stated that only 8.8 million signed up for O-care.

They will not tell you that the program put together by insurance guru David Powell, that is already working in several states, creates an business environment where insurance companies have to compete rather than collude. Where the program has been enacted, “within 48 hours” people have “5-10 times” the number of choices that are far more cost effective than with O-care. The insurance companies obviously don’t want you to know this because it cuts into their exploding profits.

They will scream about pre-existing conditions but not tell you that pre-existing conditions were included prior to O-care with the employer-based health insurance requirements. Those who did not have coverage through the employer-based model were covered by a state program called the High Risk Pool: Obamacare got rid of that.

Dr. Janda points out something extremely important: “Our healthcare freedom has been restored!” His sources say that this ruling is not expected to be overturned even if it does go to the supreme court. But, we must pray for that to be the outcome. Pray against the interference, deception, and spirit of division that seeks to keep and increase the confusion and chaos.

“The mainstream media is going to say, ‘You’re going to lose your healthcare!’ don’t believe it. It’s lies and propaganda to get you in a frame of mind where you don’t fire ahead with your own freedoms,” he said.

In order for the propaganda to succeed, they depend on two things: you not remembering what actually happened, and you not doing the homework to gain that information.

Here at ShofarBlast, we do some of that research for you and provide all of the links so you can do your own research in less time and destroy the grip of the propaganda!

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Pray throughout the end of this year for the evil deception of this deep state movement to be destroyed. In terms of nutrition, it is not only what you ingest but what your body can absorb. So also with truth. Pray for the truth to be not only widely spread, but recognized, understood, and received! And, pray that there will be consequences, that the purveyors of these deceptions will finally be required to pay for their misdeeds.