Dan Bongino: This can’t continue; states will revolt

“Release the Krakin! Declassify the FISA applications so America can see the abomination that was done in our name!”

12/17/18 – Dan Bongino addresses the frustration of the American people.

“There is no giving up! Even constitutionalists and conservatives don’t trust the system anymore. You are right,” he says. “Hillary Clinton sits down in an interview with 6,722 lawyers, every single person on her team gets immunity, and they destroy the evidence later? No problem at all!

“There is a fork in the road. I’m telling you what’s gonna happen now. Take heed, democrats and police state liberals: You are dealing with a hardened group of Americans who do not take this stuff lying down.”

He gives a great overview of the new “secret” document, current status, and a coach’s rally call to the team in the way that only Bongino can.

Please listen and please share.

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