Facebook hires DOJ lawyer Kate Patchen amid Trump anti-trust concerns

Facebook looks as if it’s preparing for war with US President Donald Trump.

11/23/18 – A showdown is emerging as the public demands action against the censorship and mind control of the social engineering wizards. The writetrump.com campaign has been gathering signatures on this issue and is shortly to present the letters from the public to the President.

On the 14th, the NYTimes published an article that was reported on here at ShofarBlast:

The New York Times documents how Senator Chuck Schumer intervened on Facebook’s behalf as evidence has continued to accumulate that the social media gulag has been used  to “broadcast viral propaganda and inspire deadly campaigns of hate around the globe”, and that Mr. Zuckerberg and Ms. Sandberg tried to conceal the danger from public view.

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I wrote recently that if President Trump does move to take action against the big tech cabal, who are willfully participating in bringing down the US form of government, they make an even greater push to kill him. Kennedy was killed after he spoke out against the Fed. Our roaring-lion of a president has spoken out against both big tech and the fed in the last six weeks.

I cannot stress to you how dangerous this moment is. I posted two articles about a prophetic move that has been taking place in my circle.

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Facebook continues to fight rather than admit how far off the Path of Good they have wandered and outline how they can get back to a more appropriate place.

Men are fallen. Power corrupts. The fruit of their fateful choice, to make a deal with the devil when they took CIA money, is the constant lies we catch them in. Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon are no exception.

Facebook founder, Zuckerberg, will never live down the IMs he sent that were uncovered in a law suit and verified before being documented in an article by the New Yorker:

Zuckerberg as backstabbing, conniving, and insensitive.

FRIEND: so have you decided what you are going to do about the websites?

ZUCK: yea i’m going to f**k them

ZUCK: probably in the year

ZUCK: *ear


ZUCK: yea so if you ever need info about anyone at harvard

ZUCK: just ask

ZUCK: i have over 4000 emails, pictures, addresses, sns

FRIEND: what!? how’d you manage that one?

ZUCK: people just submitted it

ZUCK: i don’t know why

ZUCK: they “trust me”

ZUCK: dumb f***s

Unsure about the nefarious ties of Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon? Here is what Sandeep Parwaga wrote in 2011:

Facebook was indirectly funded by the CIA with the goal of learning and storing everything there is to know about you. Why? To monitor and ultimately control.

Let’s look at headlines that should cast no doubt about the true character of CIAbook:

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Says The Age of Privacy is Over

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg says privacy is no longer a ‘social norm’

Facebook – the CIA conspiracy

The Face of Facebook –  (Pay particular notice to the IMs that got leaked and confirmed to be true by the New Yorker)

Facebook & Social Media: A Convenient Cover For Spying

US spies invest in internet monitoring technology – Quoted from this article: ”In an attempt to sift through the blizzard of information, the investment arm of the CIA, In-Q-Tel, has invested in a software firm that monitors social media.”

The scientific dictatorship has done a ”good” job in brainwashing and manipulating the masses. Don’t be fooled by the deceit. The mainstream media has been very reluctant to cover the disturbing Google/Facebook ties as it would expose important assets for the Big Brother machine and its secret use to destabilize.

Matt Greenop of the New Zealand Herald wrote:

The second round of funding into Facebook ($US12.7 million) came from venture capital firm Accel Partners. Its manager James Breyer was formerly chairman of the National Venture Capital Association, and served on the board with Gilman Louie, CEO of In-Q-Tel, a venture capital firm established by the Central Intelligence Agency in 1999. One of the company’s key areas of expertise are in “data mining technologies”.

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Here is an excerpt from the Business Insider article:

  • Facebook looks as if it’s preparing for war with US President Donald Trump.
  • The company recently hired Kate Patchen, the chief of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division in San Francisco.
  • It follows Trump saying that his administration is “looking at” antitrust proceedings against Google, Amazon, and Facebook.
  • Facebook is also hiring a lead counsel on competition matters in Washington.

Facebook has hired one of the top antitrust lawyers in Silicon Valley in a sign that the company could be preparing for war with Donald Trump’s administration.

Kate Patchen, the chief of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division in San Francisco, has joined Facebook as director and associate general counsel of litigation.

Patchen updated her LinkedIn profile earlier this month with the news, which was first spotted by the Financial Times. Business Insider has contacted Patchen and Facebook for comment.

Continue Reading on Business Insider

We have embraced, ushered in, and fed with our own most precious personal information and data, malignant leeches in the form of Facebook, Apple, Google, and Amazon. This FAGA quartet sings a benign-sounding little diddy called, Conspiracy of Evil, that will be the undoing of the planet if there are no strong boundaries put in place to prevent the further censorship, mind control, and social engineering they practice every moment of every day. FAGA is a main arm of the New World Order control system, a noose that has been slowly slipping round the necks of humanity and we were too mesmerized by it’s shiny-object, addictive nature to notice, something it was created to be from the beginning.

Early FB investor and Napster founder, Sean Parker, revealed at an Axios event in 2017 that Facebook was designed to consume people.

AdAge wrote:

All the sharing and liking were used like a drug to get people hooked on checking Facebook non-stop.

“God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains,” Parker said.

The candid interview wasn’t the first time a Silicon Valley insider had sounded the alarm on the digital dangers of social media and the internet. However, in light of the mass disinformation dump on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and everywhere online during the election, the real-world consequences have become more clear and frightening.

If we don’t take action against this system immediately, it will be too late.

That means every human being needs to be praying for the POTUS, Donald J. Trump.