More caravans, militaries from more countries take aim at US southern border

Mexican reporter warns, “They’re here. They’re planning an invasion.”

11/21/18 – As the majority of the US prepares for one of the most beloved holidays, Thanksgiving, and ponders what responsibility there may be to discuss politics, a new and frightening story may change some minds, prompting them to feel some obligation to broach the tabooed subject.

As we speak, Tijuana residents are opposing the migrant caravans and want them to go home. In a Tucker Carlson clip, we see example after example of the residents stating the danger to themselves and the US as they refer to this as an “invasion” and that there are “really bad people” among the throngs.

And, Sara Carter posted an important article just today, Border Patrol Concerned Migrants might Rush US Border While Drug Cartels Find New Routes.

“Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement officials fear the growing number of migrants amassing along the United States border in Tijuana, Mexico will try to rush the U.S. port of entry as the situation has been exacerbated in recent days by the increased conflict between the migrants and locals, former and current U.S. law enforcement officials said.”

Mexican reporter, Alex Backman, reporting for Conciencia Radio, seems disturbed as he describes the current situation in Mexico.

Please watch the 4 minute video above which is just a clip from the longer report at the bottom of this article. But also watch the full video report he posted below that contains a lot of very important information you are not hearing on other media outlets.

Alex lays out several points:

  1. A Mexican government official confirmed that more caravans are coming from Brazil, Columbia, and Venezuela.
  2. The future Ministry of Interior, Olga Sanchez Cordero announced the week before this video report that she is giving a “million work visas to anybody that wants to come into Mexico,” in spite of the fact that Mexico has a really bad economy.
  3. The Leftist government is coming into power on December 1.
  4. Attending the inauguration of president elect, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, is Nicolas Maduro, dictator of Venezuela, and Kim Jong-un, the infamous North Korean dictator, who is supposedly in Havana, Cuba on his way to Mexico.
  5. Russia has said it will invest heavily in Mexico and it’s new airport. They are scheduled to “open at least 10 ‘maquiladoras’ (textile factory; assembly plant) for military production in Mexico. One will be in Baja, California.” In the agreement, 10% of what is produced will be given to the Mexican military and Russia will pay no taxes. They will construct Russian military factories to build MIGs, tanks, and armored vehicles. Russia’s military invasion does not require them to transport large equipment; they will build it all in Mexico.
  6. In an interview, a truck driver recounted to Alex that on the border of Guatemala and Chiapas he saw thousands of tanks with a red star on the side. Alex does not know if the red star signifies China, North Korea, or Russia.

The reporter, aware of the seriousness of the message he delivered, seemed disturbed as he summed up this four minute clip with, “They’re here. They’re planning an invasion.”

As the US former MsM (Mainstream Media) continues to conduct mind control over a public that has unwittingly been playing the part of Winston from George Orwell’s book 1984, and is unrelenting in its attacks against every breath of President Trump, the “invasion” has been steadily moving into place.

For those of us who have been following this story of US takeover for some time, we know that the propaganda will be in full swing over the end of the year US holidays. The would be overlords often utilize Friday nights to exercise dastardly deeds, and holidays for larger chess moves as the public is too busy shopping and full from holiday feasts to bother to pay attention to the wolves that are entering the hen house.

We are on full scale red alert. When there is a crisis at the southern border, we must watch like a hawk the other borders so we don’t get caught in a bait-and-switch. If they are trying to keep us focused on California fires, we must also watch the geoengineered record breaking cold weather that is now encroaching the eastern US. The weather warfare is also an arm of passive crowd control; when the weather is bad, people tend to stay indoors. The law loving citizens would obviously be less likely to riot or go protest in wind, sleet, and snow.

Please watch these short videos. This information is so very critical. And, please share this article. We must stay informed and help others around us to see the danger!

Also, if you haven’t read the recent article, “Get Ready” – Prophetic Move Happening Now, and the follow up, Prayer Alert – Confirmations of Danger, please do. This prophetic move has been unfolding over the past two weeks and is continuing. We have had many confirmations and others across the country are being given a similar message.

I so wish we did not have to think about this right now. But then, those who endured World War II were far more than inconvenienced.

We have been born for such a time as this; it is our task. We must fast and pray, stay on our knees before the L_rd, and walk in repentance. This global story that was foretold in the Bible thousands of years ago is unfolding before our eyes. The singular global government and tracking system is in place. The US is the last speed bump to their total implementation.

Tomorrow, for Thanksgiving, pray together as a family. Ask the L_rd for forgiveness for letting petty differences come between you, for putting G_d at the bottom of your daily list of activities, and for ignoring all of the danger signs he has sent us. Pray for the safety of our country, our president, and his family who are always under threat. Ask G_d what you are to do to defend our nation, to prepare for rough road, to grant us mercy, and to give us more time.

He told us exactly what would happen and we see it unrolling before us like a scroll. On a human level, these things can be very scary. But the word of G_d says to us, fear not.

When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”
-Luke 21:28

And remember this:

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
-Isaiah 41:10

Our G_d is faithful! He will provide for his remnant! We will see a great outpouring of his spirit with incredible signs and wonders that are even more amazing that those demonstrated by Yeshua Jesus:

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.
-John 14:12

This Thanksgiving, make it about Yeshua Jesus. Put him at the center. Come together as a family. Pray for one another. Then, pray for our country. We are in a truly dangerous time.

Shalom and Happy Thanksgiving. May G_d grant us mercy, and turn back and confuse the enemies of liberty.