Prayer Alert – Confirmations of danger – Please share

Messages continue to come in of danger related to the president and his family

11/16/18 – If you haven’t read my last article, “Get Ready” – Prophetic Move Happening Now, please do. This new information adds to that story that is continuing to unfold.

The first weekend of November I was given an alert from the Lord that I documented in that article. As I sent out the alert to fellow intercessors, we received multiple confirmations.

Now this morning, as I turned on my phone, I had a message from one of those intercessors, a sister in Christ that is very gifted in hearing from the Lord. Here is her message:

“Something is going on with the president, For the past two mornings I have had a strong leading to pray prayers of protection over him and his family. I just talked to a friend of mine, who is a strong intercessor, and she’s been getting the same thing.”

Please Read: “Get Ready” – Prophetic Move Happening Now

I replied to her and immediately sent it to the same text group with whom I shared the message I received November 4th.

Within minutes, I received this reply from a couple who had received my text and had immediately begun to pray:

“When we were just praying, just now, we both got confirmation that there was an assassination attempt or that there is going to be one.”

Yesterday I met with one of my friends who was an intercessor on my original texts. She shared with me that she had continued praying about this danger since November 4th. She said that the L_rd spoke clearly to her that, though she had been prepared in the past with emergency supplies, she was not at all prepared right now. She began making choices and purchases to get her emergency supplies back in order.

We all need to do that.

Just now, I spoke with the owner of Ready Made Resources, the top source for homestead and prep equipment and supplies in the U.S. He is a strong and mature believer. He told me that prepping has kicked into a higher gear. This is an important signal to us because the prepper community has connections to military insiders and information that is not on the former MsM (mainstream media) and is only found on the NIM (New Independent Media). They are also more aware of the signals we should be watching for because they have been educated in signals of this type. We should pay attention then take all of the information to the L_rd in prayer, not react in fear, but in wisdom.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; therefore be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.
-Matthew 10:16

Clearly, there is something big going on. We are seeing the symptoms of it leaking out on every level, as I have tried to represent here.

The dark spiritual realm is working to inspire violence and mayhem. The U.S. is the last bastion against the relentless march toward the New World Order. We must stand together with prayer, with effective spiritual warfare, and all the spiritual tools the L_rd has given to us. The emergency alert has gone off. We are under attack. We must mobilize as one body of Yeshua Jesus, to enter the porch with weeping and fasting, to stand fully clad in the armor of G_d and say to these dark forces, “You shall not pass!”

Prayer is not the last thing we should do, but the first! It is not the last resort when your human efforts fail, it is incredibly powerful and our first and immediate response to all forms of attack! Prayer changes things!

We need to heed this warning from the L_rd to get before him and pray. Please share this article and please join with me and my intercessors now and every Tuesday evening at 8pm East Coast Time.



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