“Get Ready” – Prophetic Move Happening Now

A week of intense prayer and prophetic messages urge us to get ready for something big.

11/14/18 – On Saturday, November 3, 2018, after a day of rest, in the evening around 6 o’clock, I began feeling a heaviness. I noticed it and began including it in my prayers as I went through the rest of the evening.

“Lord, what is this heaviness? Is there something I need to repent over? Is there something wrong with someone else? What is it?”

Since the Lord has dealt with me this way in the past and the heaviness continued to increase, I began pressing in with more focused attention.

Finally, with no real answer or direction, I went to bed. It was one of those nights where every time you move or turn over you hear yourself praying in your sleep, “Lord, I want to hear your voice clearly. Remove anything that may be interfering with my ability to hear you clearly.”

Sunday, November 4, 2018

I woke up the Sunday morning and felt even more of the heaviness. I immediately began praying, “Lord, what is it? What’s wrong? What do you have to say to me?” Then I saw a human form that I knew represented Yeshua Jesus. He was tall, in a white robe, and he was just standing there looking at me very directly, eyes not blinking, not moving, just looking at me with an expression that was of deep concern, sadness, and empathy. I began weeping and crying out to Yeshua, “Oh, no, L_rd. What is it? What’s coming? Is something coming?”

I wept and prayed as I went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. I began to be assured this word wasn’t about me or anything I’d done: it is about the country, the U.S. Something’s coming.

I was praying out loud as I wept and I heard myself interceding for the country, for President Trump, for his safety, protection, wisdom, and discernment. Then, immediately out of my mouth came strong prayers for Melania. It was intense, more than I would have expected, almost more intense that the prayer I’d just prayed for the president. Something was definitely wrong there. Was I feeling her grief about something? Was she in danger? The concern was intense. I prayed for her, her son, and the Trump family.

Then, I saw a huge demonic form. I instantly knew it was a principality. God has never made a point to show me a principality before, and scripturally, I know we aren’t to mess with principalities

I said out loud with full authority, “L_rd, I stand ready, fully clad in the armor of G_d to do your will.” I asked, “Do you want me to rebuke it or are you just showing me what to pray about?”

I felt I was only to set a strong boundary by the blood of the Lamb, which I did. Then, “It doesn’t matter how big you are, I can do nothing on my own power. I am only a willing vessel for the power of the Living G_d. It is His power that will defeat you. It is His name and command you must obey.” A buffer zone was created.

I felt I was supposed to immediately get some other prayer warriors on this so, still weeping, I sent a text to a few sisters and brothers in the L_rd scattered around the nation describing that I’d seen a large principality that I knew had to do with the US. Within about ten minutes, one of the warriors replied that she had been shown the White House and that what I’d seen was a very big and dark and powerful: confirmation number 1. Another reply came in from a very spiritually gifted sister: confirmation number 2.

Later that day, a third prayer warrior sister called and I shared what I’d seen, and that it had all started Saturday night. She had been praying all day.

Monday, November 5, 2018

The next morning (Monday, Nov. 5) I had a text message from that same sister. She said that the L_rd had awakened her at 3 a.m. and reminded her that he had awakened her the night before three times. He also told her to tell me the message. Three times he woke her up, showed her a picture and spoke words. She said, “Three times I neglected to write it down.” She thought she would remember when she got up but she had not remembered. The picture and message were the same. This fourth time when the L_rd woke her up and showed her the picture and spoke the words, again she was so tired she didn’t want to get up to write it down, exactly as she had done the night before. Suddenly, she smelled something burning. She jumped up to see what it was, only to find nothing. She realized it must have been the L_rd waking her up so she would write it down this time, the fourth time.

The message she gave me was this: Yeshua showed her the depths of pain and hardship, of how deep it can go. Then, he showed her the restoration from it – a climbing out, it seems. “No matter how bad it gets, or seems, or what you go through,” it will be good in the restoration. She said G_d was encouraging with this message, that good will be restored. But, obviously, from the message, something very bad is coming.

She also realized with this last message, that she had not even recalled these messages when she was speaking with me earlier Sunday. It was only when G_d woke her up the fourth time that she realized the night G_d woke her up three times (Nov. 3rd), was the same night I was feeling so heavy and praying all night in my sleep.

G_d showed me that something is coming, it’s about the US, and she got a word from the L_rd to tell me that no matter how bad it gets, there will be restoration of good.

Fasten your seat belts.

When I woke up and saw that text, I started weeping and praying all over again. I fasted all day.

Friday, November 9, 2018

I attended a local congregation that is made up of believers from around the world, and one that prays for those being persecuted for their Christian faith around the globe. Africa, Asia, South America; just a few of the regions and continents represented there. There was a presentation of the increase of Christian persecution all around the world. Some of the attendees from other nations expressed their shock at seeing Christian persecution in the U.S. They spoke of that increase as a sign of the times, expressed that they felt we were near the end of the story on this small, blue globe. I shared what had been revealed to me to a pastor there. We were all in agreement; they were receiving similar messages.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The apocalyptic fires in California took many lives, sent waves of sorrow through the nation, and devastated scores of families as it left their homes and property a mere pile of ash and cinders. L.A. Marzulli‘s family, though grateful for no loss of life, lost everything else.

Monday, November 12, 2018

I spoke with two of the prayer warriors, a couple that are in another state. We were sensing the same things. She was the one who had replied immediately on Nov. 4th that she’d been shown the White House.

He now shared an intense dream he’d had Nov. 9th or 10th. His dream was of an auditorium filled with people waiting with anticipation to hear a guru type man who was very evil.

Remind you of anything?

As he was speaking, immediately I was reminded of L.A. Marzulli‘s work, the warning he’s shared for years that the coming great deception described in the biblical prophetic texts may include the appearance of a massive UFO. We have been in a season of slow-leak disclosure regarding UFOs.

Watch: Tucker Carlson interview Louis Elizondo on UFO video

Watch: Navy pilot recalls encounter with UFO; ABC News

At the same time I was also reminded of a Nov. 2015 article I’d written here about the Pepsi film short, Black Knight Decoded.

Read Pepsi releases new film, “Black Knight Decoded”; alien agenda, NWO symbolism

The film, an expensive production involving eleven nations and the International Space Station, gleefully showed a world creating signs and ceremony to call out to and welcome the satellite, all it represented, and whatever it brought with it. The satellite just happened to be carefully constructed to look like the head of a snake. The film ends with the welcome signs from many countries viewed from space and the Black Knight satellite responding by opening up, beginning something entirely different.

As for the dream, they felt the “guru” was the antichrist.

What we all strongly felt was that something big is coming…soon. It feels imminent. In some way I feel it’s already here, already begun. (And, yes, when you’re dealing with the prophetic, the warning of danger often feels imminent and we must keep that in mind. G_d did not give us dates.)

Even though the California fires came just a week after the prayers and prophetic words, we didn’t feel that was what the word was referring to. I say this cautiously: what we had been shown seemed bigger than that.

They suggested the three of us have an intercessory prayer meeting. We scheduled it for Tuesday, Nov. 13.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Our prayer time was intense. We planned for 30 minutes; we prayed for over an hour, with multiple confirmations. Hollywood and San Francisco came up. A very dark, very powerful entity on a throne. The throne isn’t currently in the US but it is coming here. This is the season: now. A Global Beast System. If the President does move to break up the Big Tech conglomerate, there may be bombs. What we felt was very heavy. That the dream of the evil guru may be the antichrist. A strong sense of foreboding. All of it confirmed and dovetailed with what G_d showed me the week before.

The L_ord reminded me of another article I wrote here on ShofarBlast in June, 2016, Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony: occult, satanic spectacle. I said in that article,

I believe this is an elaborate production to tell us that the work of all the forces of darkness led by Satan himself is nearing completion. The progeny was conceived, has been birthed, and has been groomed: he/she/it is here and they are about ready to unveil their prince.

In short, I believe this is announcing the arrival of the Anti-Christ. The time has come.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The L_rd has not given me a list of names or dates. But, I can tell you that what I felt was confirmed by all of the others who prayed with me. It is very heavy, very dark, and very soon. Several of us felt as though we were being told the tribulation has begun or is about to begin.

What are you to do?

Spend some serious time in fasting and prayer. Make a concerted effort to break through the bubble of denial and ask the L_rd to reveal to you what you must do to prepare for rough road.

We are on such a razor’s edge that there could be a game-changing event in a split second.

An EMP could take out all power and instant panic could ensue.

We have a “caravan” of foreign nationals numbering in the thousands who are now beginning to reach the US. They began arriving today in San Diego, CA and General Mattis was on his way to the border. There’s a good chance that terrorists could be among those in the caravan. 22 buses with 900 migrants near the US border.

There is no bigger ‘criminal’ and threat to the U.S. than a terrorist. And there’s no better way to infiltrate our country than by blending in with a mass of humanity across open borders. –Mike Adams, Natural News

Why has no one even mentioned that radical Islam has a tendency to produce suicide bombers? What if several of them get together to bomb some location in the US? Today there was a bomb scare at the border.

At Davos in January of this year, George Soros said,

“I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world. But I regard it as a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020, or even sooner.” Soros predicted a Democratic ‘landslide’ in the 2018 elections.

Is it any surprise that our 2018 mid-terms have been scandalous as the cash-drunk, kicked-out-of-his-own-country, megalomaniac Soros funneled millions to organizations and efforts to take down president Trump?

This week, the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, declared in an interview that the nationalism of which president Trump speaks, is treason. Treason against whom? What did the French president then praise?

He praised the world leaders that formed the first League of Nations, after World War I.

“They imagined the first international corporation, the dismantling of empires, and redefined borders, and dreamed at the time of a union, a political union of Europe,” Macron said.

Macron defended organizations like the European Union and the United Nations, hailing their ideals despite their “setbacks” over the years. He called for a new era of science-built progress.

“Together we can rise to the challenges of poverty, global warming, disease, inequality, and ignorance,” he said. “And we can win this together, because victory is possible together, together we can break away from the countertruths and injustices, we can counter the extremes which would drive us to war.” [emphasis added]

Is that a threat of war?

I could go on about the global chess game taking place and the cloak and dagger treachery that is constantly swirling about, or the any-minute crash of the financial system.

Where is the hope?

First and foremost, our hope is in Yeshua Jesus. Secondly, Americans are slowly beginning to wake up. Out today was a new poll that stunned: 72% say media ‘dividing Americans’ spreading ‘hate’.  Finally, they’re seeing it!

You can’t fix a problem you don’t see. If American’s are finally beginning to see the problem, we must pray it’s not too late to reverse the fallen state.

Our most cherished values and institutions are in a shambles. And we’ve been asleep so long our hands have forgotten how to grasp the sword of truth, like the deceived King, Theoden, in The Lord of the Rings.

There are some things that must take priority and keeping the USA alive, one of the last hopes for individual freedom, is one of them. We must pray for the strength and courage of the holy spirit to help us to see that if we don’t defend this country, if we don’t stop this thuggery by internal traitors against the US, if we don’t start seeing the thoroughly corrupt figures, the likes of the Podestas and the Clintons, get convicted and carted off to Guantanamo, it will be over.

And, it will not only be the US that suffers. Truly, the global elites will delight in taking us down; it is a delicacy they have long desired. They will enjoy bringing us low. But, we are the last speed bump in their global take over; there will no longer be any country as a safe haven on this tiny blue marble of a planet, no place to escape to.

I pray it is not too late. Please pray with me, with us. We will be praying every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern time. Will you join us? Please pray about what I’ve shared with you. See what G_d speaks to your heart. And, while you do that, please prepare for the dark time that is now on the horizon.

The orks are gathered outside the city wall at Helms Deep. Like it or not, they are here. Like it or not, it is we who have been chosen to be born at this time. It is up to us to fight using the law, exposing the corruption, using pressure on elected officials, calling, writing letters, demonstrating peacefully, acting by voting whenever we are legally given that privilege, sharing articles and videos of important stories and information, standing together, refusing to allow them to divide us.

I hope you will share this article.

I’ll close with another old movie quote, “They’re heerrrrreee…”

Get ready.


Watch: L.A. Marzulli EXPOSES the Coming EMP Blast and How We Can PREPARE













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