Stop Big Tech From Censoring You; sign petition to White House

Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube colluded in the coordinated to limit reach of conservatives.

11/12/18 – In response to the Orwelian censorship of all things conservative by Big Tech, which falls under the categories of Social Engineering and Propaganda, the team at InfoWars has created a petition that will go directly to the White House:

Please check out the information from the project description below, and check out the site. If you agree, add your electronic signature, and personal message if you like, that will be seen by the President.

Here is the project description:

Infowars Action Alert

Are you upset about Tuesday’s election? Think Republicans should have not only held the House but also increased their majority?

Today, the censorship of conservatives, libertarians, Republicans, and disaffected Democrats is worse than ever.

Donald Trump was able to win in 2016 only because there was a vibrant, robust, and fully accessible new media on the Internet.

Together We Ignited The Trump Revolution

Now, the Democrats and their giant contributors in Silicon Valley and Big Tech want to systematically snuff out our ability to communicate our pro-Trump views. They hope to use this censorship to throttle Donald Trump in an impeachment battle. We saw this in the recent Kavanaugh fight, where he prevailed, despite duplicitous attacks from the mainstream media.

This is why we lost the House and many important governorships, despite solid gains in the Senate with two Democrats who voted against Kavanaugh going down.

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It is clear that Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube colluded in the coordinated use of various techniques to limit the reach of conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters. This is coupled with outright deception, bans on Twitter, de-platforming millions on Facebook, as well as mass censorship on Reddit and demonetization on Youtube.

These acts violate federal anti-competitive and anti-trust laws.

They are using these monopolistic and illegal tactics to snuff out our First Amendment rights and compete in any future election.

The very future of the Trump presidency, the future of the president’s reform agenda, and indeed Donald Trump’s legacy are entirely contingent to a level playing field on the internet.

You Can Take Action Now

We plan to send one million letters to direct Trump’s new acting Attorney General to move aggressively against the anti-competitive and illegal racketeering by these tech giants to restore a free and unfettered internet where all opinions can be heard.

Sign The Letter Now

We pay the postage! We will deliver your letter to the post office along with hundreds of thousands of others. You also have the option of printing out and mailing your letter directly to the president.

Please act today! America’s future depends on it. Go to now.

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