Famed author, researcher LA Marzulli: home & studio burned to the ground in SCal fire

“The place looks like an A-bomb hit it. There’s nothing left… nothing.”

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11/11/18 – Renowned Christian researcher, author, lecturer, and filmmaker, L.A. Marzulli shared today that he has lost everything in the fires that have swept through Southern California.

Causing further stress in this heartbreaking situation, the Marzulli’s have been out of state working in ministry at a conference in TX. They have had to deal with all of it from a distance, as family members worked to pack what they could then evacuate.

GoFundMe sign-croppedPlease read LA’s blog posting. They have started a GoFundMe page to help them rebuild their vital end-times ministry. Please consider making a donation.

Also, please buy LA’s latest resources. I highly recommend them. You can find them here and below.

Read/Watch: As CA Fires Rage Officials Start Grim Search in Blackened Ruins

LA’s ministry was a direction-changing instrument in my life; I’m just one among many. My relationship with G_d totally deepened as a result of his heart-felt ministry. After learning of his work 20 years ago, reading his books, attending lectures, and meeting him, I can tell you he is exactly who he appears to be: A man on fire for the gospel of Yeshua Jesus, a watchman on the wall alerting us to what is on the horizon and indeed is now here.  His self-sacrifice for Kingdom work is something he never speaks of but it has resulted in thousands of lives changed, relationships with Jesus deepened, and remnant watchman enlightened and strengthened.

Please share this post and prayerfully consider supporting this important ministry through a donation on the GoFundMe page or by purchasing his valuable resources. I’ve only listed some of his catalogue here.

And, most importantly, please continue to intercede for the Marzulli family. Pray for protection from the forces of darkness who are tirelessly seeking to interfere with their effective ministry, and for the holy spirit to soothe their broken and grieving hearts.

GoFundMe sign-croppedWe stand together with our brother in Christ and say to the dark minions, “You shall not pass!”

His books, On the Trail of the Nephilim, I and II, are must-reads for study on giants and the archaeological research and discoveries related to the subject.

For UFO research, the book, Further Evidence, was an excellent volume of 250 pages including an entire section of full color photos on glossy paper stock. It includes personal interviews with Dr. Roger Leir, Ret. Major George Filer, Dr. David Jacobs, Jaime Maussan, and Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr., who personally handled material from the downed craft in Roswell. The book description page has many active links that will aid in your own research.

If you aren’t familiar with his work, please check it out. I suggest starting with The Cosmic Chess Match; you can read a free excerpt here, or Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural.

He is also well known for his DVD series, Watchers Vol. 1-10.

You can read his personal testimony, a chapter in his book, The Cosmic Chess Match, here: LA Marzullis Personal Testimony

In this ShofarBlast article, you can listen to an outstanding interview on spiritual warfare with LA that I often recommend:

Please read: Spiritual Warfare 101: The Blood of Yeshua Jesus

I’m asking the entire community of those touched by Marzulli’s work to support him during this crisis.

UFO Disclosure_front coverThey would be a great present for birthdays and holidays!

LA’s just-released book is, UFO Disclosure: The 70 Year Cover Up Exposed. Check out the book and read a sample chapter here:

He’s offering a special package deal on the new book that includes The Watchman Chronicles: In Their Own Words dvd. Watch the film trailer here.


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