Janda reports on accuracy and integrity of US election process

A “staggering number” of voting machines have been replaced because they had been pre-set for democrat/globalist candidates.

11/6/18 – In another eye-opening report, Dr. Dave Janda of Operation Freedom shares information from a longstanding and trusted source regarding voter fraud.

Following is a summary of the topics covered in this important report. Please watch the video and share this with your friends.

Dr. Dave Janda:

Individuals have taken a position in our election process that many people are concerned about. One of the first in line is George Soros.

He has a stake in the machine companies that count the votes.

“It’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes, that counts.”

Soros has funded campaigns of Secretaries of State around the country. Who counts the votes? Secretary of State. He has made a concerted effort to over past 6-8 years making sure the Secretary of State in each state is “a disciple of his, a disciple of a globalist.” He has not totally succeeded. Some estimate he has funneled about 100 million dollars into the election cycle related to getting power back into the hands of the globalist syndicate.

Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) just went on record that they have created a new Council of Nations, the G9, to undo what Trump has done over the past two years.

One of their objectives was focused on this mid-term election.

Trump implemented many teams to ensure voter regularity.

Last Sunday in Georgia:

(ZeroHedge) 11/5/18 Two days before the Nov. 6 midterm elections, Georgia Secretary of State and Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp revealed on Sunday that his office is opening an investigation into the Georgia Democratic Party on allegations that it attempted to hack the state’s voting system, including allegations of possible cyber crimes.

We just had some convictions in North Carolina and Texas of voter fraud. Many more cases are pending.

All of this will depend on the House of Representative, the House, and the Senate.

Monday night a trusted source gave Janda some information. He pointed out several things:

The Georgia investigation, and the prosecutions in NC and TX are not stand alones. There is a effort by the globalists to get their people elected, in some cases fraudulently.

A “staggering number” of voting machines have been replaced because they had been pre-set for democrat/globalist candidates. Machines were found to be tampered with through testing by Federal authorities. Machines were removed and new ones put in. Confiscated machines are under guard.

Many polling places were also under guard due to significant threats to conservative candidates. No evidence where threats were made against a globalist, democrat, or progressive candidate.

Law enforcement is involved.

A number of people arrested for machine tampering and have been informing on who hired and directed them.

Nate Silver is one of the biggest guys in the polling business. He had been saying the Dems had an 88% chance of winning the House. The last night on The Hill, suddenly Silver said the Dems “could take the House or not; both are extremely possible.” Sounds like he’s back pedaling a lot. Maybe he got word of the arrests and the machines being confiscated.

The globalists knew they were in trouble.

(WhoWhatWhy) 10/3/18 – However, Brakey argued that he was able to come into possession of ES&S product manuals through public record requests or through secretary of state offices in the country and that the bottom line is that ES&S does not want him, or anyone in the public, to have access to these manuals.

Brakey and AUDIT-USA continue to publicly share concerns about state election departments around the country that destroy election ballot images. These digital images, under the law, are supposed to be saved for 22 months.

“We have a responsibility in our organization to help people understand how elections work,” he added. “And we are working hard … to make elections transparent, trackable and publicly verified, and that’s our mission.”

Does it make sense now why George Soros wanted to infiltrate the Secretary of State offices?

Globalists are fighting transparency.

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