Trump’s Missouri Finale: Ovation nearly 6 minutes!

The president had to walk away from the microphone three times as cheers thundered.

11/5/18 – Tonight was the last rally on the President’s schedule encouraging the people and asking for support to continue his work gluing the country back together. After Rush Limbaugh’s introduction, the crowd cheered as the Commander in Chief slowly made his way to the podium, greeting the people as he walked, many of whom shouted a clear and heartfelt, “Thank you!” Country star, Lee Greenwood sang his famous anthem, “Proud to Be an American” live as grateful Americans waved, gave thumbs-up, and shouted together in one spirit of support.

The look of gratitude was proudly worn by a fed-up populace, at their wits end from years of trying to vet and vote for politicians who would actually do the job for which they were elected, a mass of people praying for someone who would show some integrity, not sell out to the corruption and Deep State.

Heck, they wanted someone who would finally acknowledge the Deep State!

And, then came Donald J. Trump.

As the president, who must be exhausted from the travel, constant speaking, and problem solving, took his place at the microphone, the crowd cheered even louder. Three times he moved to speak but the throngs only increased their roar and thundered, “USA! USA!” Then the third time, the POTUS shook his head with a sincere smile and seemed to be genuinely moved by the show of insistent appreciation.


From the moment of his introduction to the point he was able to actually speak was nearly six minutes.

This was a touching thing to see. It reminded me of the kind of great time you had when everyone was behaving like they should and enjoying a football game with their favorite college team and it turned out to be the best game of the decade.

People getting together, having a good time, working on something good. What a concept.

You can literally see on the mass of misty-eyed faces, relief; the kind of deep relief after you hear someone you know may have been in an accident then you find out it was a different person.

This crowd has at least some idea of just what’s been at stake here: the very existence of the United States of America.

As we head into the last day of voting and records are being smashed all across the country of voter turn out, running out of ballots, and determined voters waiting in lines for hours, the phenomenon of Donald J. Trump rallied the entire nation to action, declaring over and over again that we “will never surrender,” and that every race, color, and creed is important in this movement.


At every rally, from coast to coast, when he mentioned the African American unemployment rate is now at the lowest rate in history, the entire crowd cheered. When he mentioned that Mexican American unemployment is at the lowest rate in history, the entire crowd cheered again. This is a movement that wants people to be able to work and build their own destinies.

“We are Americans and our hearts bleed red, white and blue. We are one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God. And together, with love in our hearts and hope in our souls… we will make American great again.”

A woman fainted and a doctor was needed. Trump stopped the rally, repeatedly reminding them to take their time, “We’ve got plenty of time,” until they were able to get the situation under control. Once, he suggested praying. The arena, of their own accord, spontaneously broke into song with a stanza of Amazing Grace.

There has never been a movement like this; ever. Not in this country.

I’ve been fasting and praying that our merciful God will answer the pleas of so many Americans for the deception to be lifted, for the veil to be torn back, for the cancerous corruption to be fully exposed, and that we will finally realize that we are NOT as divided as the former MsM has tried to get us to believe. Most of us want peace, individual freedom for all, and want an end to the violence and racist rhetoric constantly employed by the desperate socialist left. “Most of us” is a statement we can confidently use because no one else could even come close to packing out stadium after stadium in state after state as did our Prez.

If there is a red wave tomorrow, we need to drink it in and process what it means: that we aren’t as divided as they told us we were!

Here we are, tomorrow is the last day for voting. Please keep praying. Not just for the elections themselves but for the way the Lord of Darkness wants to stir up mayhem and destruction after the polls close and the results are announced.

Be prepared for some races to be contested; this is a good thing. I’m pretty sure our savvy Prez had a plan to watch the election process and we may hear of more voter tampering.

We’ve made progress here, more in two years than any other president in my lifetime ever accomplished in a full term. But we have so much more to do before the damaged ship of America is set right again.

We have some people to arrest and supposedly nearly 50,000 indictments waiting. We must sort out our immigration policy issues and buy some more time and prepare to soften the landing before any sort of financial crisis finally lowers the boom.

Keep praying. Now we will see. Our 70 year old president has just done a tour across the country that packed out stadiums with thousands that couldn’t get in at every location! He sure gave it his all. Now, lets do our part. Vote. If we defeat the socialist left in this round, be an example of peace and love even as we express joy. There’s a lot of healing that needs to be done.

We can do it. We can do it with G_d guiding us. If we stay on our knees. If we stay in repentance. If we don’t give up.