McAleenan: ‘We will not allow large group to enter US in unlawful manner’

“The caravan has already been offered protection in Mexico; you will not be allowed to enter the US the same way”

10/29/18 – In a press briefing today, US Customs & Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan, gave a rather detailed statement of the US response to the approaching throng intent on crashing its borders.

He clarified that there are two groups the US is watching. Group 1 is numbered at approximately 3,500 and is in southern Mexico. Group 2 is numbered at approximately 3,000 and is between Guatemala and Mexico.

“They are incentivized  to try to cross our border by the gaps in our legal framework and the expectation they will be allowed to stay,” he said.

Last year there were about 17,000 criminals that crossed the border.

“Our immigration system is unable to effectively process and repatriate those without the right to remain in the US due to extensive backlogs in our courts and court restrictions on detaining people through their immigration proceedings. What’s new and challenging about the caravan phenomenon is the formation of multiple, large groups which present unique safety and border security threats.”

The Commissioner also noted the aggression already exercised by the groups. He confirmed that the first group “made unlawful entry” across two international borders, and that the second, still in Guatemala, has deployed violent and dangerous tactics against both Guatemalan and Mexican border security teams.

“The caravan has already been offered protections in Mexico. You will not be allowed to enter the US the same way,” he said, referring to the way the group stormed the border gates.

The military response already en route through project Operation Secure Line and Operation Border Support was detailed:

At Points of Entry

  • Already deployed 100 specially trained Special Response Team operators
  • 1,000 CBP officers ready now
  • 250 tactical enforcement officers and
  • Mobile response team professionals with training in riot control

Between Points of Entry

  • 830 Border Patrol agents on standby
  • 140 Special Ops agents
  • 385 Mobile Response Team agents
  • 350 additional agents from unaffected sectors
  • 2 dozen CBP air assets with surveillance and mobile response
  • 4 Black Hawks
  • 6 helicopters
  • Multiple fixed wing assets
  • Unmanned aerial systems
  • Engineering support and equipment
  • Medical support units
  • Mobile housing for deployed personnel
  • Extensive planning support

Noteworthy, was the mention that assistance has already been requested and arranged with the Department of Defense.

These troops are in addition to the 2,000 National Guard personnel already augmenting operations under Operation Guardian Support.

“Regardless of the operational contingencies we face,” he said, “along with its inter-agency partners and unprecedented support from DOD, CBP will ensure border security. We will not allow a large group to enter the US unlawfully. We will maintain lawful trade and travel to the greatest extent possible. We will act in accordance with the highest principles of law enforcement. We will treat intending migrants humanely and professionally at all times and the safety of CBP personnel, especially law enforcement personnel on the front lines, as well as the traveling public will remain paramount.”

This sounds like the President, who by the way, is the Commander in Chief, is serious about this. The majority of the country will be relieved he is standing strong. We love being a generous people but this is out of control. It was clearly not a grass roots movement but instigated by globalist forces determined to remove US borders altogether.

Please continue to pray for the country, for the President to have wisdom and discernment, for all of our service men and women, and for the migrating groups to return home before the potential for harm, that hovers over them like smoke, descends upon the most vulnerable.



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