“Historic” “Very Important” Young Black Leadership Summit in DC, event at White House

Turning Point USA & White House event hosts young, conservative, black leadership from across the nation; address from the Prez

10/27/18 – There is hope for the future. This weekend, DC got rocked by a gathering of the country’s young, black conservative leadership. The former mainstream media will have difficulty with this story. It’s completely opposite to the narrative they spin daily and is the kryptonite to the Democrat lies.

The event was hosted by Turning Point USA, whose rising star, Candace Owens, is Communications Director. Her positive message and truth telling has been blazing a path through the media spin and prejudice with each of her appearances on news outlets.

Turning Point USA along with other groups and individuals who have been forming the new black conservative movement is breaking chains of bondage to old ways of thinking: if you’re black, you have to be a Democrat.

Some of the stars of this new conservative movement include: Brandon Tatum, David Harris Jr., Candace Owens, and Will Johnson of Unite America First.

David Harris Jr., and Brandon Tatum talk about the historic event:

Will Johnson shared a live video from inside the White House:

Breitbart covered the event:

Hundreds of black conservatives from all over the United States have gathered in Washington, DC, to attend the first annual Young Black Leadership Summit.

The group will hear from several prominent black leaders within the conservative movement throughout the day, including actress and pundit Stacey Dash, United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, and radio show host Larry Elder, among many others.

If you want to see a great #walkaway story, this lady really has a good one. It’s very moving.

You can watch the powerful and important speeches of pundit Stacey Dash, Dr. Ben Carson, and radio host, Larry Elder, and get the full story in Breitbart’s article. Be prepared to cry. I’m so excited about this. Truth is winning!

Stay in Shalom no matter what is swirling around you.




Candace Owens:

Brandon Tatum:

David Harris Jr.:

Will Johnson:

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