Khashaggi, Soros, Deep State and…Russia???

Scenario to bait Trump into moves that would have collapsed the global financial system right now

10/23/18 – In an explosive video report this morning, Dr. Dave Janda reveals what his inside sources have said about the importance of the death of Jamal Khashoggi. This is NOT a story about a journalist.

Here is an outline of the information as presented by Dr. Janda:

  • Khashoggi has not worked for the WaPo for years.
  • Was only a contributor not a columnist.
  • Was a Saudi citizen, NOT a US citizen.
  • He was the nephew of a well-known, sinister arms dealer, Adnan Khashoggi.
  • He had deep ties to the former Saudi regime and their intelligence services.
  • Was very tight with Prince Turki, who was the former ambassador to the U.S. and to the U.K. and the former head of Saudi intelligence agency.
  • Had deep ties to former power-brokers in Saudi Arabia and the Deep State.
  • In his writing and speaking, he had been critical of the new Saudi regime, King Salman and Crowned Prince MBS (Mohammad Bin Salman).
  • He was very loyal to the former Saudi administration.
  • The new Saudi regime tortured and killed oms of the previous administration with hanging in Riyadh.
  • Was tight with Alwaleed Bin Talal, who was executed and wrote articles about the brutality of the new regime.
  • Was critical of an oil deal with Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Russia, involving criminality and money laundering, and pointed the finger at Russia and Putin.
  • He supposedly went to the Saudi embassy  in Istanbul, Turkey to get papers for his marriage, but why would he not have gone to the embassy in the U.S.?
  • He had a home in VA.
  • Inside sources say he was in Turkey to make deals with the Deep State.
  • He was very tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, a tentacle of the Deep State.
  • He was also tied to Soros; was on his payroll to:
    • write disparaging articles, commentary, and propaganda against the current Saudi regime which has not been as cooperative with the deep State as was the former regime
    • go after Putin and the oil deal to expose it.
  • When he showed up at the embassy there was a group to greet him including Saudi intel and a Russian torture expert.
  • MBS knew they planned to interrogate him and that a Russian would lead the interrogation.
  • King Salman supposedly did not know.
  • The goal was to get Khashaggi’s sources form the former Saudi regime, the former royal family, and the sources on the Russian oil deal, criminality and involvement of the UAE.
  • Supposedly he was giving up the info.
  • During the interrogation led by the Russian torture expert, Khashaggi had a heart attack and the cover up began.
  • Immediately after his death, the U.S. pastor, Andrew Brunson, was suddenly released, possibly connected as the U.S. was monitoring the situation due to the deep ties involved.
  • All of it got back to Putin and U.S. said they knew what was going on. They likely told Russia to have Erdogan to give up the U.S. pastor: inside sources confirm this.
  • What are the ramifications?
  • Brennan, a Deep State player, was calling for Trump to institute sanctions.
  • Why, without any jurisdiction? Khashaggi was a Saudi citizen not a U.S. citizen.
  • Saudi’s were involved in 9/11 as recorded in the 28 pages.
  • Current Saudi regime is not loyal to the Deep State.
  • What would the retaliation of the Saudi’s have been resultant from the U.S. sanctions?
    • price hike in oil
    • stop using the petro dollar
    • both options would have massive impact.
  • Deep State tried to use this event to bait Trump to impose economic sanctions on the Saudis which would lead to utter chaos.
  • Deep State is panicked  because the wheels are coming off the international financial market, all run through the Brussels mafia and the IMF.
  • It’s all falling apart and they want to pin the melt down on Trump.
  • Trump, for the past few weeks, has been pointing the finger at the Fed, a globalist syndicate and part of the Brussels mafia.
  • All central banks are linked with the Deep State.
  • The goal: they wanted to trigger Trump to enact sanctions which would lead to a melt down of the world economy, so Trump would receive the blame rather than the real cause of the financial problems – the Deep State, the Brussels mafia, and the IMF.
  • This world financial system blow up is exactly what the Deep State wants in order to usher in their one world government and system.
  • MBS knew, but King Salman did not.
  • The Saudi response has been: the arrest of 18 individuals plus the firing of the head of intelligence, head of the military, and the advisor to the crowned prince, MBS.
  • They will probably try to pin it all on the 18+3.
  • If Trump had taken the bait, our financial system, right now, would have been in ruins.

Please listen to this important report by Dr. Dave Janda.


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