Witches gather in NY Oct 20 for sold out event to cast spells on Kavanaugh, Trump

Sold out event of 900 with 10,000 online supporters gather for hexing rituals

Wicca around a fire

10/18/18 – A throng of real-life witches are hosting a spell-casting ritual against recently approved Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh in New York, wrote Charisma News on October 16th. The event is scheduled for October 20th in Brooklyn, NY and was already sold out at the time their article was published. And part of the proceeds from the $10 admission? It goes to Planned Parenthood.

What’s going on in this country? Does this seem like a normal day to you? I’m upper middle aged and I have never seen anything like this in my life.

This time is extremely dangerous. A country who once cherished both freedom from tyranny, and rights that few around the world have enjoyed throughout all of history, has turned to angry, violent mobs chanting like zombies, and groups of occultists that cast spells on a man who was accused of a serious crime without any evidence to support it, yet and still treated as guilty.

Don’t they understand the concept of “innocent until proven guilty?” Don’t they understand how vital that is for freedom? Don’t they understand that the law they are trampling protects even them? Don’t they understand the kind of treatment people endured before there was a United States? In 17th and 18th century England, the “vulgars” (average people) were rounded up and accused of anything and locked away at the whim of their “betters”, the aristocracy-controlled courts.

This, readers, is exactly what the one world government will treat you to, a form of feudalism with only the elite and everyone else who will serve their purposes. And, once it is implemented, it will be very difficult to escape from it.

I don’t know how anyone who has had any education in history can behave this way. Don’t they understand how difficult it was for the founders of the United States to break free from the horrible treatment they suffered under the British Crown?

Ah, but, therein lies part of the problem: poor education.

L.A. Marzulli said in a video posted this week that he had recently been speaking with a friend’s daughter who had graduated from a four year university and emerged with a head full of this socialist ideology. When he engaged her in a discussion about socialism, he mentioned that a cringe-worthy and current example of the utter failure of socialism is Venezuela. This young woman asked, “Venezuela? Where is that, Spain?” I’m sure you are as astonished as he was.

In a country where we spend hoards of money on education while the resultant level of knowledge has continued to sink, it has become the norm that adults cannot understand or spell 5th grade level concepts or vocabulary words. There is no other conclusion we can reach; there has been an intentional “dumbing down” of our country.

It’s no coincidence that the globalists have for decades had their efforts focused on the public educational system to brain wash youth and destroy their critical thinking ability, all in order to set them up to embrace a global government. And, the demonstrations of the last month have put it up front and center just how effective their mind control programs have been.

In recent months, we have been rendered speechless at times watching 20- and 30-somethings act like brain dead zombies, behaving in an extremely violent and mentally deranged manner just because they don’t like something or because someone doesn’t agree with them.

This was broadcast around the world during the circus of insanity known as the Kavanaugh Hearings. We observed mobs of people who seemingly completely lost their ability to think logically, who seemed to be completely possessed with the ideology that what they felt was above everything else. That, my friends, is known as hedonism.


This is a heartbreaking and astonishing breakdown of society where parents have allowed this access to their children, embraced every form occult influence such as Harry Potter books and movies, and taught them that all that matters “is that you are happy”.

That is a lie! How you feel is NOT all that matters! How you feel is only a small part of life. Truth matters!

It does not matter if you feel like you want to harm another person, you are not to do so! It doesn’t matter if you feel you want to key someone’s car because you’re angry! You can’t do that. It doesn’t matter if you dislike someone or what they stand for, you are not allowed to put poison in their food!

This week, a high school student in Davis, CA brought cookies to school that were made with her grandmothers ashes and handed them out to other students who ate them. Who would do that??? And, the school kept it from parents!

And, now, yet again, we are watching global crusades of practitioners of the occult form their own supernatural power mobs, focusing their black-sourced lasers on those they do not like or agree with.

It is not surprising that members of the occult are hedonists, it’s part of their credo. In Satanism, Aleister Crowley wrote, “Do what thou wilt, that is the whole of the law.” It should be a shock to hear more and more people who supposedly believe in Yeshua Jesus speak in this manner and walk out their lives according to this philosophy.

All of this violence and spell casting against a man who was merely accused and with no evidence!


What if it were you? What if you were the single individual against whom the global slave masters such as Google, CNN, and FaceBook had decided to launch a 24/7 seek-and-destroy campaign? What if you were the one receiving death threats, your children targeted and harassed? All because someone decided to accuse you of something you did not do?

There are countless examples of men being accused of rape they did not commit. There are countless examples of accusations of all sorts that turned out to be false. It’s happening every day now with the next level censorship we are experiencing with Google, YouTube and social media.

Each case must be examined carefully and then judgements made based purely on the evidence and nothing else.

Innocent until proven guilty.

All of this is running full speed down a path that, with every stride, devalues human life and erodes rights only protected by our U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Does anyone remember the movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail? There is a scene of a man pushing a cart down a putrid, mud-filled lane as he repeatedly shouts, “Bring out your dead!”

The money goes to support Planned Parenthood. We have performed literally BILLIONS of abortions in the U.S. alone. No matter what you think of it, in the supernatural realm, it is child sacrifice. And we know from the bible that the blood of the slain innocents calls out to G_d from the ground (Gen 4:10). It is used in occult sects to increase their power and that too is referenced in the bible where the King of Moab sacrificed his own son to gain power in a battle against the children of Israel…and it worked (2 Kings 3:27).

I would like you to consider that we are witnessing biblical prophecy coming to fruition right before our eyes.

We are seeing deeply unsettling examples of spiritually sourced blindness.

Matthew 24:10-12 And at that time many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another. And many false prophets will arise, and will mislead many. And because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold. (NASB)

There is lawlessness, a man of lawlessness, deception, and a deluding influence referred to in 2 Thess 2.

We are dealing with a supernaturally infused toxin that is being sprayed at everyone. Only those covered with the armor of G_d can avoid the brain infection. Get your armor on! Keep your armor on! Stay in the Word and in prayer!

This is a symptom of a problem that many aren’t spotting in world events: supernatural influence.

We must stand together! We are a country of ONE people no matter where we or our ancestors came from. Once citizenship is ours, we are Americans!

As believers in Yeshua Jesus, we must be able to hear the supernatural shofar blast of the holy spirit that alerts us to danger. Get suited up, your unit just got called up! We must pray like never before. We must fast and intercede like never before. We must pray for protection over ourselves as we begin our prayer, then over our families, neighborhoods, regions and country. We must pray for protection over our president and for Judge Kavanaugh and their families.

Privileged Americans have never seen the kind of torment that can occur when a country’s government crumbles. This is not something you want to experience! If you do, buy yourself a one way ticket to Venezuela where over the past twelve months they have eaten dogs, cats, and zoo animals trying to survive yet another failed socialist state. Nearly 50% of the population has left for a chance at a better life in neighboring countries.

If you don’t think tens of thousands of witches casting spells targeting a single person or a group of people has any affect then you don’t understand the supernatural at all. How can you be a Christian and not understand the supernatural? Salvation itself is a supernatural event!

As a counselor and teacher of spiritual warfare, I assure you, I see demonstrations of supernatural power, both from G_d and from the dark side, on a regular basis.

We are witnessing a rise in the practice of the occult and in the dark power generated by it. We have to get busy about our father’s business and that involves knowing what our armor is, how to use it, the tactics of the enemy, and how to be effective against their strategies.

Please pray throughout this dark month of October to the first of November when so much violence and torment is committed by occult practitioners with both animal and human sacrifice, when horribly misguided churches celebrate Halloween, and when the forces of darkness gather into a great hurricane to attack all who are vulnerable to their power.

Our country is at stake here. If the United States goes down, the global government will be activated. There will be no escaping their battalions of AI already being rolled out or the internment camps already prepared or the EU army already formed.

This is an epic battle. We were chosen to be alive at this time. We all have a critical part to play. Live a life poured out for Yeshua Jesus. If you do, you are on the winning team! Ultimately, we will see the Lion of the Tribe of Judah return as the triumphant King!

If you haven’t yet made Yeshua Jesus the Lord of your life, please visit the Who Is Yeshua Jesus? page to learn more. He will be the love of your life!


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