Trump: will order “military, not the guard” to the border if mob not contained

UN aiding migrant mob; caravan tears down national border fence, storms into Mexico

10/19/18 – You always have to watch Fridays. The globalists know that Americans are dedicated to their weekends and don’t pay attention to issues. They often use Friday as a day to release information, to sign secret bills in the White House as Obama did, or to cause mayhem. This is serious. Who is paying for all of this?? We accept more LEGAL immigrants every year than any other country in the world. Some sources are saying the UN is supporting this action and left groups such as Soros. Call the White House or email the president and tell president Trump we must do all that is necessary to protect our borders from invasion.

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President Trump has announced military intervention against the full-scale U.N. invasion against America’s sovereignty.


More than 4,000 migrants forced their way into Mexico after storming a border fence with Guatemala.

Video captured by Noticias Telemundo shows the moment when hundreds of migrants force the gate open and rush into Mexico despite officials efforts to keep the migrants out.


National Emergency: UN Launches Invasion Of United States Using Migrant Caravan

UN mobilizes giant third world populations, in 21st century warfare plan to takedown the U.S.

Migrant Caravan Storms Mexico w UN Aid 10 19 18

Fox News:

Caravan migrants, defying Trump warnings, smash through border fence en route to Mexican territory

Newt Gingrich: The caravan is an attack on America — Stop the caravan now

Zero Hedge:

Caravan Chaos Continues: Mexican Riot Cops Calm Migrant Violence With Tear Gas

As a surge of migrants broke through a steel fence that had been padlocked shut CNN reports Mexican police in riot gear pushed them back, setting off smoke canisters, and Buzzfeed reports the use of tear gas.

Migrants in a 4,000-strong caravan traveling north from Central America have trampled the Guatemalan border and are currently preparing for a push into Mexico.


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